Government of Alberta unveils new ‘Alberta Made’ –

Government of Alberta unveils new ‘Alberta Made’ –

The Government of Alberta has introduced a new program to recognize and support Alberta-made products and services.

The program, titled ‘Alberta Made’, will support the province’s small businesses, providing them with incentives and resources to promote their products and services.

The Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Tourism, Tanya Fir, released a statement detailing the program’s objectives.

“Alberta Made is an opportunity to reward and recognize the hard work of our entrepreneurs and small business owners,” said Fir. “This program is a way to celebrate local products and services and support Alberta’s economy.”

The program will focus on businesses that use locally sourced materials and employ local labour. Businesses that meet the criteria will be eligible to receive a variety of benefits and incentives, such as subsidized access to resources, marketing support and dedicated customer service.

The program is part of the Alberta government’s efforts to promote and strengthen the province’s economy. The government hopes that the program will increase investment in Alberta-made products and services, as well as create jobs and stimulate economic growth.

Fir emphasized the importance of the program in a statement.

“By boosting the profile of Alberta-made products and services, we are helping to create jobs and build a strong, diversified economy,” said Fir.

The Alberta Made program is the latest in a series of initiatives by the Government of Alberta to promote economic growth and development. It is hoped that the program will be a successful tool to encourage investment and create jobs in the province.