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Children sing Magma: Tass la neige, a musical story presented by Saint-Nazaire conservatories and CHAM classes at the Jazzimut festival, in the VIP. (©City of Saint-Nazaire – Christian Robert)

Yesterday evening, Thursday May 25, the musicians of the Saint-Nazaire conservatory received a good reception from the public with a focus on the 70s and the Jazzimut festival.

With this 1st edition of the Jazzimut festival, the Saint-Nazaire reserve was able to take the VIP audience with it in the 1970s, won by the names of legendary groups such as Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Genesis, Magma or even Zappa and Mike. Oldfield.

A collection of conservative rhythms opens the evening in a fiery atmosphere. The musicians show all their talents on various instruments.

With the conservative Big Band, under the direction of Victor Michaud, the temperature continues to rise with rock and jazz-fusion movements.

The evening ends with a beautiful musical story “Children sing Magma: Tass the Snow.” Choirs made up of 6th and 5th grades CHAM (classes with scheduled music schedules) at Jean Moulin’s college tells the story of Lily, in Siberia, worried about greenhouse gases coming from an underground well that she tries to keep cold by packing snow.

This episode is written by Agathe Dewa and Dominique Cronier with music by Magma. Inspired by the text “The Zimov Hypothesis” by Denis Sneguirev and interpreted by a conservatory instrumental ensemble. Victor Michaud and Gwendolina Bonnet provide direction.