GT4: Dontje/Dörr third in final standings ADAC GT4 Germany.  Ortmann/Sasse name

GT4: Dontje/Dörr third in final standings ADAC GT4 Germany. Ortmann/Sasse name

GT4: Dontje/Dörr third in final standings ADAC GT4 Germany. Ortmann/Sasse name

Indy Dontje and Phil Dörr ended the championship battle in ADAC GT4 Germany at Hockenheim in third place. For Aston Martin it was a huge success. The famous British brand took the first three places in the championship standings. The title in ADAC GT4 Germany went to the ProSport Aston Martin combination of Mike David Ortmann (D/22)/Hugo Sasse (D/18) in an Aston Martin Vantage GT4.

A well packed German ADAC GT4 grid with Hugo Sasse in the lead.

Text and Photos: Willem J. Staat

Dontje/Dörr third in the last city ADAC GT4 Germany. Ortmann/Sasse name
The Indy Dontje/Phil Dörr combination led the championship standings for a long time this season and only lost momentum in the final stages, which actually benefited the ProSport Mike David Ortmann/Hugo Sasse combination. In the first race at Hockenheim last Saturday, the Dörr Aston Martin Vantage GT4 finished seventh, keeping the championship race clear. The problem was that Phil Dörr didn’t really attack the competition and was just trying to stabilize his position.

For the second race on Sunday, Dörr had qualified seventh but the battle was over before it had even begun. After three minutes, the game towards Spitzkehre was over for Dörr. Aston Martin lost so much cool in the collision at Spitzkehre that it was impossible to continue driving and its fate was already sealed. For Dontje this meant third place in the championship standings. The Mike David Ortmann/Hugo Sasse combination needed second place to secure the title.

Sasse immediately took the lead at the start, followed by the WS Porsche of Hendrick Still and Briton David Wood, also with Aston Martin. Moments later, the game was temporarily suspended. After that, the race distance was reduced to 36 minutes and slightly changed in the Top 3. Lukas Schreier managed to get a connection with the front runners with AVIA WS Porsche. Even after the mandatory driver change, Mike David Ortmann was able to keep the lead.

2022 Dontje

Indy Dontje, clearly recognizable by the yellow helmet, finished third in the championship fight. Unfortunately, there was no championship. But the combination Dontje/Dörr was not far from it.

2022 007
Second place in the title race now went to the 007 Aston Martin of Ben Dörr/ Romain Leroux

The Racing One team had a very good approach as Schreier’s teammate Finn Zulauf was ahead of Wood’s racing partner William Tragurtha.

2022 Tragurtha
Racing One has factory assisted drivers.

Then came the big upset in the very last round. Zulauf, who had already made up most of the field, passed Mike David Ortmann with a spectacular “move” on the very last lap of the Spitzkehre and took a comfortable victory. The Brits Tragurtha/Wood finished fourth in the Dörr Aston Martin GT4 Vantage of Ben Dörr/Romain Leroux, overtaking teammates Phil Dörr/Indy Dontje in the championship standings. The Dörr Motorsport team won the team title. In the Trophy standings, as usual, victory went to the combination of Luxembourg Tom Kieffer/Christian Kosch and Allied Racing Porsche 718 RS Cayman GT4.

2022 Affiliate Tournament
The Allied Racing team got their second win of the season last Saturday.

The first race on Saturday resulted in a win for Vincent Andronaco (D/17)/Leo Pichler (A/20) in the Partner Racing Porsche 718 RS Cayman GT4 combination. It marked Porsche’s second victory in 2022. In total, the brand would achieve three victories in GT4. Second place went to then-champions Michael Schrey (D/39)/Gabriele Piana (I/36) with Bonk Motorsport’s Hofor BMW M4 GT3. Schreier/Zulauf finished third.

2022 R1 Saturday
The second race also resulted in a victory for Porsche.

Mike David Ortmann led right from the start and held on until Spitzkehre. Vincent Andronaco immediately made up a lot of ground from fourth on the grid. 15 minutes before the end there was enough spectacle. In the very last lap, the Bulgarian Bostanjiev with his Porsche Cayman GT4 overtook Hugo Sasse in a daring maneuver and ensured that the championship fight was postponed for another day. In the final lap, Sasse and Bostanjiev made contact again. Both benefited briefly, after which Lukas Schreier was able to take third place without any problems. The combination of Still/Kronberg (WS Motorsport Porsche 718 Cayman RS GT4 CS) finished fourth with the Overdrive Racing Porsche of Bulgarians Bostanjiev/Leftarov back up to eighth.

2022 Ortmann Sasse 1
A happy Hugo Sasse.

Lukas Schreier (AVIA WS Motorsport): “This is my first big victory in a strong race. Our car was very good this weekend. In the first part of the race I drove carefully to save the tires for my team-mate. The key to the victory was in the strategy of stopping the pit.”

Finn Zulauf (AVIA WS Motorsport): “Finally this is a great feeling. We finally made it. The team deserved this win. The car was great all weekend. Since we couldn’t pass it, we decided to get one lap early for the driver. change. With that I pushed a little bit on my gap. This worked and then I attacked the leaders. Then I managed to pass him shortly before the end.”

2022 Ortmann Sasse 2
Winning the championship doesn’t seem easy?

Hugo Sasse: “It’s unbelievable to win the championship after so many ups and downs. We are very happy. I can’t put the feeling into words yet. It’s very special to be on top after hard work this year. This is also the biggest win of my career. Related and the race, we knew we didn’t need to win. My position was not easy and Mike drove convincingly to the end.

2022 Dorr Motorsport
Good result for Dörr Motorsport. Second and third in the championship.

Mike David Ortmann: “If you’ve been doing motorsports for thirteen years, you’re always striving to win a championship. It’s great that this has finally come to fruition. I’m very grateful to my parents, my girlfriend, Hugo and the team. For this.” The team was a unit strong and this was the key to success. It will certainly take time for all of this to sink in. The race started well. Hugo handed over the car to the management. We had small ones. tire problems. For that victory it wasn’t enough, but I didn’t want to take more risks.”