Guanyu Zhou: It will be difficult until the end of the season

Guanyu Zhou: It will be difficult until the end of the season

Guanyu Zhou expects the upcoming races to be tough at Alfa Romeo. According to the Chinese, the car is not competitive enough and it remains to be seen if they will finish in the points again. He tells her this

Guanyu Zhou is satisfied with his results in Monza. He closed triple header finished with tenth place and one point. However, the Chinese think that it will still be difficult in the upcoming races, because the car is not competitive enough, according to him. This makes it difficult for them to keep up with the rest and is a real struggle.

Up and down

For Zhou, this season goes with ups and downs, but succeeds as rookie good results. So he is pleased with his points finish. “It’s been a while since I got points, so I’m happy with it now, it’s also good for the team, especially because we have a lot of ups and downs,” said Zhou. According to Zhou, those ups and downs come from too many DNFs and a car that isn’t competitive enough. “In the first part of the season we had a lot of DNFs and now in the second part we are not competitive enough. Today was a good result.”

Step forward

At Zandvoort, Zhou finished sixteenth and teammate Valtteri Bottas dropped out. He also sees that steps forward have been taken in Monza. Although it still needs to be analyzed what went wrong at Zandvoort. “We’ve made progress from Zandvoort to here, I’m happy with that. We still have to analyze what went wrong in Zandvoort,” he says rookie. So it will remain difficult until the end of the season, but Zhou will not give up. “It will be difficult until the end of the season, we have to keep fighting with others. But I’m not giving up.”

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