“Guardian way” in Germany no chance to be adopted?

“Guardian way” in Germany no chance to be adopted?

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Of: Sebastian Oppenheimer

Camera tracking via Tesla’s “guardian mode” is essentially illegal in Germany. But why is the technology built in at all?

Perhaps no car manufacturer is as controversial Tesla. While the fan base praises the supposed technological advantage of their brand, many others see it in that electric car-Bauer basically a big security risk. Above all, the “autopilot” system in its various stages of development often appears in negative headlines. it was the last Tesla even sued in California for misleading advertising – because a range of functionality is promised that cannot be kept. Stromer’s so-called “guardian mode” is also celebrated by many fans of the brand. But almost constant camera surveillance is illegal in Germany under data protection law. But why is the technology installed in cars at all?

Tesla: “Guardian status” would not have a chance to be adopted in Germany?

While other manufacturers try for a long time with professional staff to get safe technology on the road, Tesla usually takes a different approach: For example. Beta versions of the “Full Self-Driving” software tested on public roads – Consumer advocates have long warned that Tesla drivers are used as a kind of “test engineers”. The so-called “guardian mode” is also very controversial in this country: When it is activated, eight cameras record the environment in cars almost non-stop – with a range of 250 meters and a 360-degree all-round view. The problem here, however, is not security in traffic – but the issue of data protection.

The use of Tesla’s “guardian mode” is illegal in Germany. (Illustration photo) © Political-Moments/Imago

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Tesla: “The guardian’s way” has already caused alarm bells to ring among the authorities

Not long ago he had a theme The “guardian way” is already ringing alarm bells for police authorities – because civil servants also drive private Tesla cars and roam around official buildings with many cameras. However, a general question arises: Is the use of Sentry technology legal in Germany? According to the report of the TV program “Auto Mobil” (VOX), it is definitely not.

Tesla: According to the KBA, the manufacturer is getting its type approval in the Netherlands

In a TV report, a representative of Berlin’s data protection authority (BlnBDI) explains that a “protected situation” is illegal under data protection law if it records third parties in a public space who know nothing about it: “The method of protection cannot be used in a public space according to the law to be used.” The technology represents a violation of data protection in the public sphere – in other words: it is fundamentally illegal The Federation of German Consumer Organizations (vzbv) sees the same and has sued Tesla for this reason, among others. Because theoretically everyone who is recorded will have to give their consent.

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However, “guard mode” technology can be installed – the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) reveals the reason for this when asked by “Auto Mobil”: In Europe, manufacturers have options in member states. their products were approved – and Tesla received a similar approval in the Netherlands. It seems there was no objection to the technology there.