Haas Final: White US Ferrari |  CAR ENGINE AND SPORTS

Haas Final: White US Ferrari | CAR ENGINE AND SPORTS

Hungarian GP 2022

Haas is the last team to submit a major expansion move this season. The American racing team has changed its car significantly from the height of the cockpit to the rear. The Haas VF-22 now looks like a white replica of the Ferrari F1-75. We show the first pictures.

It was 13 races before Haas got involved in Formula 1’s big arms race. Until the Hungarian GP, ​​the American racing team’s engineers were content with minor touches. The front wing plate was repaired because after the accident a new one had to be produced. But in the first twelve races of the season, VF-22 put on its original face.

Haas did not succeed with his policy of waiting and saving. The team of Kevin Magnussen and Mick Schumacher collected 34 World Championship points and therefore takes seventh place in the team classification. Haas could have had more points on the account, but he often got in his own way. Accidents like in Jeddah, Miami and Monaco. Through bad strategic decisions like in Spain. Or with engine failure. In particular, the MGU-K electric machine, produced by Ferrari, caused headaches.


Haas brings a major update to the VF-22. The American car is very similar to Ferrari.

Inspired by Ferrari

The factory team is now taking Haas as a model for the first and probably only major stage of the season extension. The base was good enough to update especially in one hit. Now the wind tunnel and simulation tools just have to produce the correct results. To be on the safe side, Haas even shot an extra loop.

In the lab, the upgrade, which includes a side shell, underbody, bodywork, rear brake vents and rear suspension setup that is different, promises more than two-tenths of a second. At least that’s what you hear. But maybe more. Officially, team boss Guenther Steiner says only this: “The engineers say it’s a good move.” With this, Haas wants to dislodge Alfa-Sauber from sixth place in the team classification. At the moment they have lost 17 points.

The trend so far has been for teams to emulate Red Bull. Alpine, McLaren, Aston Martin and Williams followed the path of the world championship leader with their new developments. No one wanted to copy the Ferrari F1-75, the second fastest car in the field. Haas is doing it now. Critics will sigh: Of course, Haas also builds his car at Ferrari in Maranello.

Haas - VF-22 - Hungarian GP 2022 - Budapest - Formula 1


Among other things, Haas has modified the car’s side boxes.

Test the old against the new

If new developments occur, Haas can already expect a cry from the direct competition, which has repeatedly returned to the close cooperation between the American team and Ferrari in the past. And he feels unfair competition. Haas denies that there is an unauthorized exchange of data between the customer and the factory team.

Haas gets about 70 percent of the parts from Ferrari that the rules allow. You have to take care of the aerodynamics yourself. And there was enough time to be inspired by Ferrari. This is indicated by the new devices with a sharper notch. At the rear, however, the Haas’ side panel comes out different from the Ferrari’s. So it’s not a direct copy.

Only Kevin Magnussen can enjoy the new development in Hungary. The production department produced only one set at a time. This is also related to the fact that accidents at the beginning of the season forced the American racing team to make adjustments. More spare parts had to be produced than expected. Mick Schumacher will only receive those updates after the summer break.

But that is not necessarily a disadvantage. Because it usually takes time for new parts to enter the market. The setting needs to be oriented to that. Schumacher drives with a package he knows well and which has been improved. With Haas there is another advantage: you can test old and new against each other under racing conditions. Then you will see if the expected profit in time arrives at the race track.