Haas is announcing a new car on the 31st and will be the first in F1 to show off the 2023 model

Haas is announcing a new car on the 31st and will be the first in F1 to show off the 2023 model

The latter will be the first in Formula 1. At least in the launch dates of the new cars, for the 2023 season. This Wednesday, Haas has become the last team to confirm the date that will show its model for this year’s championship. And it will be the very first to launch a single seat, on the 31st of this month.

Until then, the team that would launch the car early was Red Bull, with the launch scheduled for February 3. Like Williams, Haas explained that at first it will only reveal the promotion of its VF-23 model, without giving more details about the car that it will send to the track before new season.

The 2023 model of the American team should again present many changes compared to the previous one, mainly because of the new sponsor. In 2022, the colors referred to the Russian flag because of the company, from the same country, which provided the main sponsorship for the team. However, some details changed after Haas brought down the Russian company following the country’s invasion of Ukraine a year ago.

According to the American team, the chassis and “nose” of the car have already been approved in the specifications of the International Automobile Federation (FIA), which defines the rules for each F-1 season.

For this year, the team also made changes in its structure. Out came the German Mick Schumacher, son of the seven-time world champion, and his teammate Nico Hülkenberg entered. He will team up with Dane Kevin Magnussen, who returned to the team at the beginning of last year. Brazilian Pietro Fittipaldi was confirmed this week as the reserve driver for this year, as has been the case since 2019.


With the announcement of Haas, all 10 F1 teams have confirmed the date of the launch of their cars for the new season, even if, in some cases, it is only a visual part, without revealing details about the model.

After Haas and Red Bull, the remaining eight teams will launch in just 10 days. On the 6th, Williams will show the FW45. A day later, it will be Alfa Romeo’s turn, with its C43. On the 11th, AlphaTauri will release the AT04. Aston Martin, the new team of Fernando Alonso, scheduled the presentation of its AMR23 on the 13th.

On the same day, McLaren will show the MCL37. In the next three days, the focus will be on Ferrari (14), Mercedes (15) and Alpine (16).

Preparations for the new season will take place at the end of the same month, in one heat, between the 23rd and 25th, again in Bahrain. It will be in the Middle East country where the 2023 season will begin, on March 5.