Half picture in Tesla app, delivery lottery > teslamag.de

Half picture in Tesla app, delivery lottery > teslamag.de

After a long delay, the Tesla Semi electric trailer launched in November 2017 is almost here. The first of these was actually supposed to be produced at the end of 2019, which was pushed back and forth. Recently, there was talk of 2023, but in August CEO Elon Musk surprised with the announcement the first half would still be released in 2022. And the signs of this are actually increasing: the first shows of the electric truck have now appeared on the Tesla app, and shareholders have to participate in the ticket lottery for the presentation event of the first half.

Tesla Semi with steering wheel levers

Shortly after Musk’s announcement in August, Tesla changed the information pages about the Semi on its website. There was also a video from the cockpit and loading, but the price and the possibility of pre-ordering were deleted. However, the first shipment in 2022 should remain, as the CEO confirmed and stated in the conference call about the Q3 business figures: The first Tesla Semi would be delivered to Pepsi on December 1 and he will be there in person, Musk announced.

That leaves in less than three weeks, and Tesla has already included the Semi in its software. Twitter user @olympusdev_ discovered this in the latest version 4.14.3, as he reported on Friday. They’re not yet visible to regular users, but the app now includes Semi’s 3D graphics like never before for Model 3 to Model X electric vehicles and energy products.

Perhaps for the first time, an open half can be seen in the photos posted by @olympusdev_. They also suggest that the Tesla semi-trailer will initially have standard exterior mirrors. You can also see that he will probably have two levers near the steering wheel in the cockpit. Press photos of Semi published in late August gave a different impression and suggested so Tesla could do without it like the new Model S and Model X.

Ticket raffle for Pepsi delivery

After the initial handover to Pepsi, word of how Semi’s performance will be resolved should emerge quickly or be understood at the event. He also resigned on Friday head of investor relations at Tesla indicate that individual shareholders may attend the event. He did not repeat the December 1 date Musk had mentioned, but announced a ticket lottery among all interested parties. The best way to do this is to register as a stockholder on Tesla’s website. According to comments on Twitter, however, this doesn’t seem to be working reliably for Europeans.