Hamilton-Ferrari rumors don’t bother Sainz: “A week ago I was going to Audi…”

Hamilton-Ferrari rumors don’t bother Sainz: “A week ago I was going to Audi…”

The rumors of Ferrari wanting Hamilton do not bother Sainz, who jokes and explains when he will talk about his contract.

In the week leading up to the Circus for the Principality of Monaco, thunderous rumors rose from England. Parties involved Hamilton and Ferrari, and the Italian team which – according to what was reported by Daily Mail – would have been ready to offer a pharaonic contract to bring the English to the court of Maranello. Rumors, nothing more: the 38-year-old from Stevenage and the head of the Prancing Horse team considered calling it quits. As did Vasseur, too Sainz scoffed at the Hamilton-Ferrari issue, saying how the rumors did not worry him at all.

Source: ferrari.com – Sainz pokes fun at Hamilton-Ferrari rumors and explains when he will talk about his contract.

Negligence and rumors are chasing each other this season, Sainz is not worried. To be honest, he hasn’t even discussed his renewal with Ferrari yet. So the Spaniard, who has a contract until 2024: “I don’t feel the need to do this”, he explains.

“I know this time of the year the whispers are hot, it’s a time of nonsense. I’ve been in F1 long enough, over eight years, to know it’s that time of the season.”

Smile #55: “A week and a half ago I was going to Audi, Charles was going to Mercedes and now Lewis is coming to Ferrari,” surprisingly.

Carlos admits that he can be more anxious at the same time: In the past I would have read more newspapers trying to understand more. Now I prefer to focus on the Monaco weekend, without focusing on the rumours. fself-care: it always paid off.

Renewal with Ferrari: discussions to be held later

Of course, I don’t want to reveal my contract negotiation strategies. It’s something I’ve never revealed.” Says the Ferrari driver.

However, it is certain that, with one more year on his contract with Maranello, Sainz is now silent. The conversation will begin later: “If you listen to my old interviews, I prefer to approach the F1 season already knowing who I will be competing against next year. In 2018 I had an experience with Renault and I didn’t like the epilogue.”

Time to reach an agreement? Sainz’s goal: “I’m not aiming for this year necessarily, but before the start of next season or at the beginning of next year.”

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