Hare and hedgehog – Volkswagen follows behind Tesla for now |  information

Hare and hedgehog – Volkswagen follows behind Tesla for now | information

– by Jan Schwartz

Hamburg (Reuters) – In its pursuit of acquisition, Volkswagen is still following the founder of the American electric car Tesla.

The Wolfsburg-based company wants to launch 800,000 electric-powered cars worldwide this year, as Porsche boss Oliver Blume announced Thursday at an online conference. That would be 75 percent better than last year. By 2023, that number is expected to increase to 1.3 million units. Blume is responsible for production on the Group Management Board. Tesla boss Elon Musk had recently announced an increase in the delivery of more than 1.5 million cars, 60 percent more than in 2021. Tesla also wants to increase delivery by at least 50 percent in the next few years.

Earlier in the week, Volkswagen boss Herbert Diess acknowledged that the goal of replacing Tesla as market leader by 2025 was not a real success. “It will be a close race,” he said. Diess was surprised that the main competitor from the USA was very fast and well prepared. He has once again cited Tesla as a good example of gaining management on board for a rapid transition of electricity. He was criticized internally for this, as the American group had different starting conditions than the VW. The American rival was able to set up a brand new plant at the greenfields in Grnheide near Berlin in a short time, which is just the beginning. Volkswagen wants to deal with this with a new factory in front of the gate of the main Wolfsburg factory. The new “Trinity” electric car is scheduled to start from the assembly line in 2026.


Diess announced at a shareholders’ meeting that Volkswagen will make a profit sooner than planned in the sale of electric vehicles as in the combustion engines business. The reason he gave is the group module system, which is launched by more automotive models. More and more industries are being converted to produce electronic cars and platform technology is also being sold to competitors such as Ford, said Diess. To date, the assumption in Wolfsburg has been that in two to three years, electric cars will gain as much as conventional combustion engines.

However, in view of the Ukraine war and the closure of China’s economic capital Shanghai, dark clouds are gathering economically. Diess explained that Volkswagen has the potential to respond to disasters. By 2022, management will continue to move forward and reform, despite geographical and economic challenges.


On the eve of the Annual General Meeting, the Board of Directors approved the Executive Council’s plans to enter into a lucrative commercial vehicle and off-road SUV in the United States. The two electronic formats will be launched under the “Scout” brand. The production of the series is scheduled to begin in 2026. Volkswagen has not released any financial details.

Reuters had learned from company circles that the management board would probably provide 100 million euros to create the brand. More money had to follow later, with funding that foreign investors would also win. The next IPO of these activities cannot be excluded. A new factory is also under discussion.

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