Harley: The King of Baggers 2023 Movie / Product

Harley: The King of Baggers 2023 Movie / Product

Harley-Davidson has released two articles on the 2023 season of the King of The Baggers racing series. Amazing records can also inspire critics.

The idea is so absurd that it’s obvious: racing on laps with full-dress touring machines. The triathlon series has quickly gained popularity in the United States, where the championship has been held since 2021.

V2 engines displacing around two liters are pushing full hoods with sidecars around the circuit. With extensive tuning, more than 200 hp and a speed of about 300 km / h can be achieved – with two wheeled monsters weighing about 300 kg. Experienced racing drivers work on wide curved handlebars, releasing what is inside – a big, pointless, exciting spectacle.

The Miners recently held their second race of the 2024 season as part of the MotoGP weekend in Austin/Texas, with Kyle Wyman on Harley-Davidson and Troy Herfoss on Indian once again ending in a tie between the two traditional brands. American.

Harley-Davidson has released a two-part trailer for the 2023 racing season on YouTube, which no doubt focuses on successfully regaining the championship title. After winning the first championship in 2021, Harley-Davidson suffered its worst defeat at the end of 2022 when arch-rival Indian won the title with Tyler O’Hara. Then in the 2023 Harley redemption, Hayden Gillim (cousin of the late MotoGP world champion Nicky Hayden) brought the title back to Milwaukee.