Harrison Ford retirement acting

Harrison Ford retirement acting

John Williams says that Harrison Ford could retire after Indiana Jones 5. The actor is now close to 81 years old, so it’s no surprise.

Ford has starred in some of the most popular films ever made in recent years. Think Star WarsFranchise, and Blade Runner† And one of his most famous roles is, in fact, Indiana Jones, who played for the first time in 1981.

Harrison Ford retired?
Ford Harrison Ford will once again play the role of Indiana Jones next summer, in a film that has been delayed several times and faced many obstacles. The story is certainly still unknown, but the suspicion is that Ford will be made digital digit for some time in the film.

By the time Indiana Jones’ new film begins to be shown in cinemas, Ford will be around 81 years old. His age means he probably will not be able to return as Indiana Jones, due to the physical requirements of the stage role.

During an interview with the AP, John Williams said so Indiana Jones 5 his last film is in which he is the composer. “I’m currently working on the Indiana Jones 5 film, which I believe Harrison Ford, who is much younger than me, has said he’s making his final film. So I thought, if Harrison could do that, maybe I could too.”