Harry Ford, Matt Brash return to Mariners camp after WBC stint

Harry Ford, Matt Brash return to Mariners camp after WBC stint

After a successful stint in the World Baseball Classic (WBC), Harry Ford and Matt Brash have returned to the Seattle Mariners camp.

The pair have had an impressive showing at the international tournament, with Ford’s dominant pitching and Brash’s impressive batting average. Both players were instrumental in Team USA’s success, helping to lead the team to the semi-finals.

Ford was a key contributor to the team’s success on the mound, registering a remarkable 0.82 ERA with 27 strikeouts in 22 innings pitched. His ability to induce weak contact and throw precise strikes made him a difficult pitcher to face, and the Mariners are excited to have him back.

Brash was also a major factor in Team USA’s success, as his .333 batting average was among the top in the tournament. He tallied nine hits and three runs in 27 at-bats, displaying a keen eye and displaying a knack for making contact. His return to the Mariners camp is sure to bolster the team and provide a spark for the lineup.

The Mariners are thrilled to have both Ford and Brash return, and the team is looking forward to seeing their contributions back in Seattle. Both players have shown their ability to compete at the highest level, and the Mariners are confident that their efforts will help propel the team to success.