Harry Potter’s grave is real.  Here “rest”, among others Lord Voldemort

Harry Potter’s grave is real. Here “rest”, among others Lord Voldemort

Harry Potter fans flock to all the places associated with their favorite series. They visit the Edinburgh cemetery in droves looking for the graves of Lord Voldemort and Professor McGonagall. Are they really there?

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We all know how the main characters of “Harry Potter” have changed. You can’t recognize the supporting characters today!

Harry Potter’s grave is real. Edinburgh is visited by crowds of tourists

Many people may be surprised, but the graves of “Harry Potter” are real. This is Greyfriars Kirk in Edinburgh. JK Rowling visited him frequently when she wrote the next volumes of the Harry Potter saga. The sad ones weather this place was to inspire him to create one of the darkest novels about a young wizard – “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”.

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This is where it is graves there are tombstones that prompted the author to give the characters names and surnames. If you walk through the streets of this necropolis, you can meet the grave of General Thomas Riddell, who the author named the character of the wizard Tom Marvolo Riddel, known as Lord Voldermort. There is also the grave of Professor Minerva McGonagall in the cemetery.

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JK Rowling to blame for the destruction of monuments?

Book lovers Fr. Harry Potter flocking to Greyfriars Kirk Cemetery in Edinburgh. In the “burial site” of Lord Voldemort they still leave notes and small gifts that must be removed from time to time by the cemetery authorities. However, it is a Sisyphean task, as tourists do not give up. After all, this tomb is marked as a tourist attraction and is very easy to reach.

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Two years ago, the cemetery authority said enough was enough. On Twitter, a special message was issued about the destruction of the tombstone, addressed to JK Rowling. A photo was attached as proof. The “subject” of confusion did not speak, however. According to the local authorities, it was another publicity stunt that was supposed to attract more tourists.