Have the Mazda 3 sparks passed us?

Have the Mazda 3 sparks passed us?

The Mazda 3 with its innovative engine gasoline engine has left the garage. Has the spark dropped?

Yes and no, just to get the right answer. In some places we may not get enough of it, especially its care. The enthusiast is spoiled by a beautiful and pleasing technique. The steering is generous and informative, it has the pressure to deal with natural emotions, good transmission and power on the front wheels through the truth.


Mazda 3 is rarely good for this class, while care has become more common. On its predecessor, the rear axle collapsed dangerously after gas extraction. It applies to the advanced driver, but it is not suitable for almost everyone else. This generation has a greater sense of humor than its predecessor, but it is still fun to run.

The Mazda 3 needs more attention to turn properly into a bend. Brakes well for your favorite exit and loosens the brakes before turning, and will soon find the outer part of the bend. The weight in the heavy nose then pushes him forward hopelessly, but there is still a depth of his character. Because the back part is now more stable, you can and dare to break it further into the bend. This puts the soft front axle under pressure and low for a long time. You can feel the butt helping a little to push the nose in without the heavy weight of the previous one.


In terms of dynamics, he knows how to pack properly and comfort is also taken care of. Fountains and liquids in any case are not very hard and provide sufficient flexibility, but the rear axle of the curb can hit slightly on short ridges. However, it is more than ever a round hatchback, but the captain is still satisfied with the exciting handling.

Of course you can hear the most detailed story of the Mazda 3 in the video above. We tell you everything about the pros and cons of the car, as well as the test results.

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