‘Having full support from the team’

‘Having full support from the team’

Although Daniel Ricciardo is not yet fully successful, he is still “completely committed” to McLaren. He wants to serve his contract until 2023 and will have “full support from the team”.

Ricciardo’s position at McLaren came under pressure, not only because of the disappointing results, but also because of the statements of McLaren CEO Zak Brown. He informed the media that the results did not meet expectations. Ricciardo himself shows that he enjoys being talked about his future, because it motivates him more to blame the critics.

After the Monaco Grand Prix, Ricciardo spoke with Brown, who was in the United States to attend the Indy 500. “We talked, but it wasn’t necessary,” Ricciardo says. “Sometimes we have those moments in the media. Obviously, my contract is open. I am fully committed. I want to show that on the track now. I have the full support of the team, we will do this together.”

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Brown’s comments did not come as a surprise to Ricciardo. “I’ve been a little immune to it. Sometimes it’s taken out of context. I know how things are between us and what I have in this team. So I’m not surprised by anything these days,” he laughs.

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Ricciardo has no doubts about the skill

However, Ricciardo also knows that the situation is bad. He may somewhat enjoy being talked about his future, but it also puts more pressure on him. The Australian has no doubts about his skills.

“It’s definitely a challenge, but I know what I’m capable of,” Ricciardo said. “It’s not that I have confidence, I know I still have it. I need full again in voice come by car. I have had this before. I have to get back to the level of the second half of last year.”

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The fact that Ricciardo still has at least one year left on his contract does not make him happy. “Absolutely not,” he replies when asked. “Signing early gives you confidence, but it should not be misunderstood. I want better results and I know I can do better. I want to enjoy that success with my teams. I will not be satisfied with this and sit back,” concludes de Honey Badger.