HBO Max starting today on most Samsung Smart TVs

HBO Max starting today on most Samsung Smart TVs

The HBO Max app * is available on Samsung Smart TV **. Through this streaming platform, which is owned by WarnerMedia, viewers in Poland will be able to access many iconic releases, such as “Harry Potter”, “Friends” or “Game of Thrones” and of course newer releases.

How to install HBO Max app on Samsung Smart TV?

To download the HBO Max app, connect a TV that supports it to the Internet, then go to the app store (located on the left side of the main bar), search for “HBO MAX”, select the app and select “Download”. Subscription is required to access the HBO Max app.

Customers who already have an HBO GO subscription can use their current username and password in the HBO Max app. New customers can register at

“Premier” special offer.

On the occasion of the premiere of the HBO Max platform in Poland, you can take advantage of special price offers and “forever” discounts. The launch of registration by March 31, 2022 will allow to reduce the list of accounts – the monthly fee will be only PLN 19.99.. Requirement is to maintain a monthly subscription **. Offer also applies to current HBO GO subscribers.

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Samsung QN91A

Complete list of Samsung TVs that support HBO Max **


QN900, QN800A, QN700A, QN95, QN91 QN90, QN85, Q80, Q7X, Q70, Q6X, Q60, LS03A (The Frame), AU9000, AU8000, AU7100, The Premiere, The Serif


Q950, Q900, Q800, Q700, Q95, Q90, Q80, Q7X, Q70, Q6X, Q60, TU8510, TU8500, TU8000, TU7100, TU7000, T5300, T43000, Frame 0300 (Lss) (1TLS) 0(03000), Frame 0300 (LSS) ), The Terrace


Q950, Q900, Q90, Q85, Q80, Q70, Q6x, Q60, RU8000, RU7410, RU74XX, RU7400, RU7300, RU7100, LS03R (The Frame), LS01R (03Serif), N5


Q9FN, Q8DN, Q8CN, Q8FN, Q7FN, Q6FN, NU8500, NU80xx, NU8000, NU76xx, NU7500, NU74xx, NU7400, NU7300 / 7370, NU700, NU710 / NU710 / NU710 / NU710 / NU710 / NU710


Q9F, Q8C, Q7C, Q7F, MU9000, MU8000, MU70xx, MU7000, MU66xx, MU6500, MU64xx, MU6400, MU6200, MU6100, M6300, M5600, J5200, M5100, M5100


KS9800, KS9500, KS9000, KS8000, KS7500, KS7000, KU6680, KU6670, KU6510 (White), KU6640, KU6650, KU6470, KU6500, KU6000, KU6680, KU6670, KU6510 (White), KU6640, KU600, KU6500 KU6680, KU6 J002, KU6 J0020, KU6 J0020 K6300

* Service launch dates and availability may vary. The app requires an Internet connection to work properly. The Samsung Smart TV system is used by service providers to share programs. Content providers may remove programs from the Smart TV system or may stop providing technical support for such programs at any time. The use of some applications requires the conclusion of a contract with third-party suppliers. Certain features, programs and services require consent to collect and use personal information and/or the use of separately sold accessories. Application authors may charge registration or service fees.

** The service will be available on Samsung Smart TVs manufactured in 2016 or later.

*** Detailed terms and conditions of the offer are available at The service provider is the service provider.

Source: Samsung