The 6.5-liter V12 engine of the new Ferrari Purosangue offers more than 700 hp

The 6.5-liter V12 engine of the new Ferrari Purosangue offers more than 700 hp

Fortunate are those with a vested interest in the Ferrari Purosangue. The Italian automaker has opted to resume accepting orders for its sports utility vehicle, owing to the overwhelming surge of bookings received in recent months. This is a judicious and far-reaching decision, as it will not result in immediate delivery of the product. Nevertheless, anyone with a passion for this vehicle can now acquire it without being designated as a VIP or TOP customer.

The Ferrari Purosangue’s output schedule for the next four years has been completely subscribed to within hours of its unveiling, leaving the company taken aback by its unexpected popularity. Consequently, the automaker had to temporarily suspend accepting further orders due to a deluge of reservations flooding in from all over the globe.

This unprecedented demand led to a dispute with a Dutch customer who failed to satisfy certain criteria for eligibility, including VIP or TOP status. After a favorable ruling in favor of the Maranello marque, the Dutch buyer, who had contested Ferrari’s decision, has been given the opportunity to book a Purosangue model, assuming they are still interested, as the automaker has reopened the reservation process.

The Ferrari Purosangue returns but not immediately

Initially, no imperatives were articulated regarding the fulfillment of stringent prerequisites. However, they will not be immediately enforced. Until 2025, the brand shall exclusively produce units of its sports utility vehicle, which it despises being classified as, to appease its most fervent patrons. Ergo, if the Purosangue entices you, you shall have to wait until 2026, at the very least.

Benedicto Vigna has corroborated this point by asserting that “We have opted to recommence reservations for 2026 owing to the marked interest from numerous clients. Initially, we did not anticipate such a potent reaction from our clientele, so we had to establish order, pause, and now, we are reopening.” Consequently, those who are interested possess a considerable duration to save more than €200,000, the cost of the latest Italian masterpiece.

Ferrari Purosangue

Ferrari cautions that it shall not augment the production of the Purosangue beyond 2028. Indeed, the automaker has also verified that it shall not deviate an iota from its original production plans, which are slated to culminate in 2028. Merely five years remain during which 15,000 units shall be manufactured, at a pace of 3,000 per annum.

This highly robust strategy shall maintain the prestige and exclusivity of Purosangue, resolute in its decision to categorically refrain from elevating production beyond 2028, come what may. “The revival is steered by significant interest, we yearned to govern the circumstance, but there shall be positively no prolongation of the lifespan of the Purosangue,” affirms Vigna. Not for a notable patron, nor for an unseemly sum of money that they proffer, but who knows if they might surreptitiously acquiesce to such an extraordinary proposition.