He actually drove a Bugatti Divo in that race.  “Tesla boy started laughing after leaving” (video)

He actually drove a Bugatti Divo in that race. “Tesla boy started laughing after leaving” (video)

In addition to the regular Chiron, Bugatti has released several versions, the production of which has been much smaller. One of these cars was named Divo, in honor of the French racing driver Albert Divo.

Only 40 Bugatti customers could buy this car. Each of them had to pay at least EUR 5 million, or about PLN 24,000,000, at the current exchange rate.

> He bought 1 of 40 Bugatti for 25 million PLN and he is using it. Divo went on a mountain run (video)

Underneath the modified body is a familiar car from the Chiron. So we have a quad-turbocharged W16 engine with a volume of 8.0 liters, which produces 1,500 horsepower and 1,600 newton meters.

In the attached video you can see a duel with a cheaper, but equally fast electric car. Of course, I’m talking about the Tesla Model S on the Plaid version. 1,020 horsepower and all-wheel drive do their job.

Bugatti Divo back

Unfortunately, the start-up procedure at Bugatti did not allow us to reach full potential from the start. The electrician’s driver shot ahead, and the electronics inside the Divo were just wondering what to do.

However, the Bugatti drivers also managed to set a time record for a production combustion car. It covered the distance of 1/4 mile in 9.27 seconds, reaching a speed of 248.5 km/h at the finish line.

> He pushed the gas pedal and gasped. Tesla Model S Plaid 1020 horsepower showed what it can do (video)

So if the duel with Tesla could start in the same way as in the record run, the electric driver would smoke the exhaust of the Bugatti. The Model S Plaid’s result is 9.47 seconds.