He bought a Tesla, but another driver was controlling it.  The problem is solved

He bought a Tesla, but another driver was controlling it. The problem is solved

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Modern cars are full of electricity. To operate them, applications are often used, for example, to turn on the climate remotely or to check the oil level. However, where advanced technology is used, problems arise there. This is what happened to one American.

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Reddit user Robert Quattlebaum claims in a story posted to r/teslamotors that shortly after receiving the Model 3, his partner noticed something strange was happening to their new car. The first sign of the unusual behavior of the car was an open trunk, and the air conditioner was working at full speed, and it was only approaching the car.

Another sign that something is wrong is that the garage door is open. This happened because they were attached to the car. However, before the car owner could check what was going on, another family member borrowed the car.

So Robert decided to check his Tesla account on the computer. He wanted to make sure he hadn’t been hacked, but found nothing. Literally. The car disappeared from his account.

The man quickly picked up the phone that had the manufacturer’s application, where he saw his car for a while, but after a while it disappeared and the screen to buy a new model appeared.

Thieves have a way to get a new Tesla. They need a few seconds to drive

After this situation, he called Tesla’s phone, where a confused employee tried to answer the car owner’s questions. After some time, the problem was discovered. According to Quattlebaum, he was told that a European Tesla employee accidentally entered the wrong VIN information while assigning a car to a customer in Europe. This allegedly gave the European driver control over several key functions of Robert’s car via software.

Indeed, the smart app can control the car’s climate, check services, manage payment information, purchase updates and more. Apparently, the customer from Europe was also very confused and confused about what was happening, and by the way, it gave access to the garage door on the other side of the Atlantic.

Fortunately, the customer service representative was able to fix the problem by giving Quattlebaum control of the car. Tesla, however, does not have a press office, which makes it difficult to verify the man’s story. However, other Reddit users have confirmed that they also had similar stories.

A Model 3 owner is frustrated and worried. He is more affected by the fact that it can happen without physical possession of the car and without it.