He crashed the BMW while drunk.  He “dumped” her in his own car

He crashed the BMW while drunk. He “dumped” her in his own car

A police officer on duty in Puławy received a report about a road accident that occurred on one of the city’s streets … The emergency number was called by … a car. As it turns out, it was BMW who reported the collision via the eCall system.

The police who were sent to the scene found out that the car was being driven by a 38-year-old resident of Końskowola, who made a wrong maneuver to avoid a car parked on the side of the road, causing a collision with it. There was no one in the parked Honda.

A breathalyzer test of the 38-year-old BMW driver showed that he had 1.4 per mille of alcohol in his system. The police suspended his driver’s license, and he was taken into police custody. He is threatened with imprisonment of up to 2 years, a heavy fine and a ban on driving. It will also have to pay a large cash dividend to the Justice Fund.

The eCall system has been mandatory for new cars since 2018, so today almost every new car, regardless of size or class, has it.

The car has a GPS receiver that allows its localization, a SIM card for data and voice calls and a control unit.

In the event of a collision in which the airbags were used, a direct call is made to the operator of 112. The call can also be started manually by pressing the appropriate button.

If they can travel by car, they can provide more information about the accident. At the same time, a series of data is transmitted: the time of the incident, the VIN number of the vehicle, the type of vehicle (diesel, gasoline, etc.), the location of the vehicle, the direction of travel, the number of passengers (according to the number of seat belts) . closed).

The operator can also access this information when neither the driver nor the passenger can speak.