He decorates his 57th floor penthouse with a 2 million McLaren

He decorates his 57th floor penthouse with a 2 million McLaren

The Australian millionaire has added a special decorative touch to his 24 million euro home: a McLaren Senna GTR that could be close to 2.

Love of a 34-year-old millionaire. Adrian Portelli, a real estate entrepreneur, had one of the jewels of his car collection: a McLaren Senna GTR placed on his luxury penthouse on the 57th floor of a Melbourne tower. In an apartment that would be worth 39 million Australian dollars (24 million euros) according to local media, a race car worth almost 2 million euros should not do much. Even if its use is very unlikely.

A happy owner doesn’t care. Nicknamed Mr Lambo in Australia for his extreme taste in sports cars, he likes to reveal his toys on his Instagram account. In addition, in the video in which we see him slipping behind the wheel of his sports car, he was careful to mention:

“If I spend $3 million (Australian editor’s note) on a car, I can use it as I see fit.”

And in another post, he says:

“If I can encourage and inspire people who want to be successful, I have fulfilled my mission because I know very well how difficult and lonely the pursuit of success is.”

However, it only took him ten years to amass a fortune estimated at $350 million.

Duplex of 1200 square meters

McLaren Senna GTR, an example of a “supercar” of which there are only 75 copies in the world, soared in the air for almost 200 meters thanks to the attention of a team of 8 people who managed the transport by crane. The proud owner of the most luxurious apartment installed in these new Melbourne towers has also noted that the installation of the car was integrated into the price of the house. He intends to make his racing car the centerpiece of his home and explained to the local media that he did it more willingly as this car is not certified for the road and therefore can only be driven on the circuit.

The 1200 m² duplex, which is not yet fully finished, is already the most expensive in the state capital of Victoria. It sits atop two towers connected by a sky bridge called Sapphire By The Gardens. The small tower will be occupied by the Shangri-La hotel with a bar set on the air deck with a transparent floor and an infinity pool. The millionaire also noted that among the features that seduced him, there was a private elevator that took him directly to this bar. Most of the work planned by the owner of the penthouse with a value of 6 million dollars should take less than a year. Opportunity to install 4 bedrooms, several reception kitchens, indoor swimming pool, cinema, smoking room…

Do not worry about his roof during work: according to his information, he should not make it his main residence, instead of the common base … Without going far to talk about his simple taste, he even likes to remember. that he grew up in a normal environment, he told realestate.com that he prefers living in the countryside to urban life. And if so, he plans to spend some weekends in town. This man certainly does nothing like the others.