He drives the new Fiat 600 unobtrusively through Rome

He drives the new Fiat 600 unobtrusively through Rome

The small SUV is visually based on the Fiat 500 Electric

When will the new Fiat 600 debut? There is no exact date yet, but if you look at the latest spy photos that we show you below and the ones on the Instagram profile. copy printed, should have very little time. Maybe 55 days, the days that separate us from July 4, 2023, the probable date of the premiere.

Photos of the Fiat 600 confirm that the presentation is fast approaching: no camouflage, no film to hide even an inch of bodywork. So it is likely that the launch announcement will be shot in Rome. Rom 600 drives there (sorry for the joke), but it doesn’t seem to pay attention to passers-by.

But why are we writing July 4th as the premiere date? Quite simply: on this day in 2007, the new Fiat 500 was shown at its world PREMIERE, exactly 50 years after the presentation of its predecessor. Since then, July 4 has become the Day of the 500 Family. And as before, the 600 becomes the big brother of the 500.

But let’s get to what we can see: the front of the Fiat 600 is the same as that of the 500 Elektro. Smooth “nose” with the number of the name of the type, here 600 instead of 500. In addition, the lights are connected to the lower part of the bumper.

That officially confirms the name of the new crossover, and if you can’t read the writing on the nose, the FI600AT license plate puts all doubt to rest. In profile, the 600 is the same as the previous 500X, but it’s slightly better. But even at this point, Fiat seems to be continuing the 500/500 electric game.

Not a completely new design, more of an evolution. At the back, too, there are many references to the world 500, once again focusing on the lights and the classic “C” design.

Of copy The published images do not show the interior of the 600 – one of Fiat’s most eagerly awaited new arrivals for 2023 – so we do not know if the interior will be inherited from the Jeep Avenger, which will share a platform with the plant, or if there will be differences. In any case, the large touchscreen in the middle and the digital instrument will not be missing.

Returning to the Avenger, the Fiat crossover will also be electric, perhaps with the same characteristics as its Jeep counterpart: front-wheel drive, 156 hp, a 54 kWh battery and a range of nearly 400 km.

It remains to be seen if there will also be a petrol engine version, perhaps reserved only for certain markets (including Italy). In this case, a 100 hp 1.2 three-cylinder gasoline engine should find its place under the hood, although the adoption of the mild hybrid 136 hp 1.2 that started on the Peugeot 3008 and 500 is not excluded.