He had a bad accident a year ago.  He will not go to prison

He had a bad accident a year ago. He will not go to prison

The verdict was handed down in a high-profile case from a year ago. On DK 5 in Niewieścina, a Ford Transit was literally crushed by two trucks. – If I could break, I would break – said Kazimierz, who was sitting behind the wheel of the truck that hit the car in front. Four people died, and the perpetrator will not be imprisoned.

A year after the fatal accident, the verdict was issued, there is a surprise

Two general cargo trucks and a Ford Transit. Bartosz, Jan, Janus and Wojciech were sitting there. They were all dead and there was no chance to save them.

The Ford looked like a broken open can thrown between two trucks. The youngest victim was 24, the oldest 41. The accident happened on a stretch of road where a modified traffic organization was working. The evidence is clear, but the perpetrator will not go to jail.

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A person involved in a serious accident will not go to prison

Super Express journalists arrived in Kazimierz K. Just one year after the terrible accident, they returned to the terrible situation that happened on DK 5.

– Yes, I remember that day. That was a year ago. If I could brake, I would brake said the truck driver. “It is a great tragedy for the families of those who died in this accident. I really could not break – the man added in an interview with se, pl.

Judgment has been passed. The judge announced it on May 23, 2023 pThe Świecie government found the truck driver guilty, but Kazimierz K. will not go to prison.. The one-year prison sentence has been suspended for three years. – Punitive action was imposed on the accused by means of a ban on driving any vehicle for a period of 4 years and to pay compensation to 7 people the court added.

The victims were driving according to the rules

The court’s decision is surprising given the evidence gathered in the case. The tachograph of the truck showed 76 km / h. The expert immediately pointed out that the truck was not traveling slower than 70 km/h. The maximum speed due to changes in traffic organization and construction was 60 km / h.

Ford crushed by a truck that had a total in front of Mr. Kazimierz were driving according to the rules. Both cars were traveling at a speed of 54 km per hour.

Source: se.pl

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