He has never had so much luxury as in an Aston Martin

He has never had so much luxury as in an Aston Martin

(Motorsport-Total.com) – For Fernando Alonso, Aston Martin is not only a step forward in terms of sports compared to his former employer Alpine. The luxury brand managed by Lawrence Stroll also rolls out the red carpet when it comes to personalized services.

Fernando Alonso feels completely at home with Aston Martin – in every way

Thursday was the first day “where I could go to the motorhome because we skipped Imola. This motorhome, the room that I have to myself, it’s all overwhelming.”

That’s where Sergio Perez gets curious. The Red Bull pilot wants to know if he also has a PlayStation in his room. Alonso smiles: “I have everything. I’m even thinking of staying here at night!”

Aston Martin hospitality will be used for the first time in Monaco. For overseas races, Formula 1 teams usually use facilities provided to them by the respective organizers. In European races, which are accessible by truck, teams drive their own cars to the tracks.

Alonso: Best time since Ferrari in Formula 1

Alonso says the last time he enjoyed Formula 1 was when he drove for Ferrari. That was from 2010 to 2014. He is enthusiastic about Aston Martin: “What this team achieved this winter is simply amazing. The car is very pleasant to drive, very easy to drive – and very fast! The whole team is one team of the world class.

The 41-year-old is currently third in the Drivers’ Championship, 44 points behind Max Verstappen and 30 points behind Sergio Perez. In most races he was the closest follower of the best Red Bulls, and with four podiums he is the only driver in the season statistics, apart from Verstappen and Perez, to have more than one podium finish.

It is difficult to predict if he will soon be able to divide the Red Bulls: “They are better than everyone else,” the Spaniard says. “They have done a better job and are dominating the season. And they deserve it.”

Alonso: Red Bull is invulnerable

“It is a gift for us what we are achieving right now. We did not expect to be in this position and we enjoy every weekend. There are a few weekends, like Monaco for example, where I think we will try to win the race.”

But: “If it’s a bad weekend, it’s just possible that we don’t get any points. You never know. Monaco is a very special track. But there are these unique opportunities that you have to try to maximize.”

Especially since Red Bull is invulnerable as well. Alonso lists: “Max had a gearbox failure in Q2 in Saudi, Checo had problems in free practice and qualifying in Australia. When something like that happens on Sunday, you get an automatic and that’s where it gets interesting.”

“It’s a long World Cup. We will definitely not give up!”