He invited Ludmyła Kozłowska to the Council of Europe.  Based on leaked documents, it looks like “Russian onuca”

He invited Ludmyła Kozłowska to the Council of Europe. Based on leaked documents, it looks like “Russian onuca”

The current and former chairs of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) have contacted the Russian GRU agency and supported the Kremlin’s interests in this organization, according to documents from the Dossier Center, a non-governmental organization founded by Mikhail Khodorkovsky . This applies, among other things, to the Dutch Senator from the Socialist Party (SP) and from January this year. PACE Principal Tiny Kox. Meanwhile, the Independent.pl website describes Kox’s connections with Ludmyła Kozłowska from the Open Dialogue Foundation.

“The Kremlin Army of the Council of Europe”

In the article “Kremlin Legion of the Council of Europe”, the British organization, created by the critic of Putin, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, accuses the current and former president of the Parliament of the Council of Europe of secretly communicating with the expelled Russian diplomat for relations. for GRU.

“The current head of PACE Little Cox for several years he defended the interests of the Kremlin, and his election as the head of the conference was influenced by a GRU spy “

– we read in the text.

The Kremlin’s chief network coordinator at the Council of Europe was a Russian intelligence officer, Valery Lewicki. The organization recalls that Lewicki was the ambassador of Russia in Strasbourg, but in April 2018 he was expelled from France as an agent of the GRU for actions inconsistent with his diplomatic status.

According to the Dossier Center, the Kremlin’s network of influence also included several past presidents of PACE, including the Spaniard Pedro Agramunt, who even visited Syria with a Russian delegation in 2017, as well as the former secretary general of the French parliament Bruno Aller.

The Kremlin considered Tiny Cox his “contact” in PACE at least from the summer of 2014, and the idea of ​​choosing him as the head of the organization was born in Moscow before the summer of 2017.

– says the author of the article and adds that initially the Kremlin did not believe it was possible, but the target was found shortly before the attack on Ukraine.

“In press articles, the media close to the Kremlin directly called the candidate “pro-Russian” and reminded him that he initiated the lifting of sanctions against Russia, the text reads.

“The actions of the Kremlin revealed during this investigation do not need a new name – this strategy has been an open secret for a long time. However, the fact that shortly before the outbreak of war the Kremlin was able to put “its” candidate for the position of the head of PACE shows that little has changed in the meeting itself since the times of “caviar diplomacy” “- it concludes. text writer.

How is Tiny Kox related to Ludmyła Kozłowska?

The website Niepodległości.pl reminds us about the activity status of Ludmyła Kozłowska. Let us remind you that on August 18, 2018, after being entered into the SIS system by the Polish services, Kozłowska was expelled from the European Union. However, he managed to go to Berlin, where he criticized the Polish leaders, and also visited the European Parliament at the special invitation of Guy Verhofstadt. Then, at the invitation of France, he participated in two events at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, where he again attacked the Polish government.

Turns out it’s him [Tiny Kox – przyp. red.] together with a group of several MEPs, he was behind the French visa application, which allowed Kozłowska to come to Strasbourg and speak publicly, during which he attacked the Polish government.

– points for the portal.