He jumps on the hood of his car to avoid being stolen

He jumps on the hood of his car to avoid being stolen

A New Orleans resident recently stopped a thief from stealing his Lexus RX in a very heroic way… or was it careless? But the thief will remember.

He returned his car in style. The way he did it is amazing. In a moment of desperation, the owner of this red SUV jumped into his car and attacked the thief through the sunroof. Not only did he save his car, but he even found the jacket that he stole from the thief. First reported by our colleagues at WDSU News, the incident happened in front of a CCTV camera. In these pictures, we see the owner of the car driving towards the house. But when he’s at the door, a gray SUV pulls up to his Lexus and a man gets out.

A few minutes later, this man is inside Lexus which had been left with an owner-operated engine. But he answered in time. To prevent the thief from driving off with his car, he had to get in front of his car before jumping on the hood. Despite a few attempts to escape when the thief saw the owner managed to sit in front of his car.

Worth “Mission Impossible”

After jumping on the bonnet, he climbed onto the windshield and went into the cabin to grab the criminal’s jacket. In addition, once in this position, the owner bothered the thief enough to give up the idea of ​​stealing the car. He then fled in a gray SUV. According to WDSU, the owner of the Lexus filed a complaint after the incident.

He also said that “looking back, there were better decisions I could have made, but I am sick of crime in our city. We expect our police and municipal leaders to do what is necessary to protect citizens. Some 4,011 cars were stolen last year in their city, an increase of 35% compared to 2021.