He ordered a Ford GT and branded his favorite shoes.  “No One Has One” (video)

He ordered a Ford GT and branded his favorite shoes. “No One Has One” (video)

When buying a unique car, the manufacturer often offers the customer the possibility of great personalization. The choice of paint color, rims or interior trim is important.

However, there are also projects that meet the wishes of the new owner even more. This is what it is in the attached video.

> Ford GT LM Heritage Edition. This is the last opportunity to buy this model. 22 people will receive it

The person who ordered the Ford GT shown there is a big fan of Nike shoes. He decided to show it on his copy of the super sports car.

The manufacturer agreed to paint the bodywork in a way reminiscent of the owner’s pair of shoes. The car is a reference to the Air Jordan 1 model from 1985.

Ford GT

A large black Swoosh, or Nike logo, appears on the white doors, and the rear fenders are decorated with the Air Jordan logo. Similar graphics are also found on the hood, roof and bonnet.

It is not the effect of wrapping the car with foil after purchase. This car left the factory in this form. As an owner, you can be sure that you have a one-of-a-kind Ford GT.

The standard drive is a V6 EcoBoost engine with a capacity of 3.5 liters. It produces 656 horses and a torque of 746 Newton meters.

> Ford GT Holman Moody Heritage Edition (2022) official. Commemorates the 1966 LeMans “pogrom”.

These parameters are transferred to the rear axle by means of a 7-speed dual clutch transmission. Acceleration time from 0-100 km/h is 2.8 seconds and top speed is 347 km/h.