He owns a Ferrari more than Ferrari itself: when you find out who he is you will be speechless

He owns a Ferrari more than Ferrari itself: when you find out who he is you will be speechless

Ferrari is everyone’s dream, and today I will talk to you about itmo of the one who has the most in the world. The answer will leave you breathless.

Brand Ferrari is the most famous in the world when it comes to high performance cars. Everyone’s dream is to buy one, but only a few can afford this luxury. However, in a period of crisis for the four-wheeled market, business is growing in Maranello, with 2022 closing with almost a billion euros in net profit. According to estimates, 2023 could be even better, a very impressive figure.

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Ferrari, therefore, continues to fly despite fatigue in F1, where nothing has won for 15 years now. In Maranello there is a need to find a solution, even if the product sector is already very profitable. Today we will tell you about who has more cars than Cavallino on the face of the earth, and you will all be amazed by these data.

Ferrari, this collection is not crazy

A man who is honored to have The largest number of Ferraris in the world is the Sultan of Bruneithat means Hassanal Bolkiah. According to estimates, in his huge garage there would be supercars worth about 4.5 billion euros, a figure that no one had ever thought of reaching through the purchase of luxury and high-end cars.

Ferrari record collection
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In fact, it seems that he owns around 7,000 dream cars, and has almost 400 Ferraris, setting a perfect record. Among them, the legendary F40 certainly stands out, the last Red car to come into the world and the great Enzo still alive. As the name itself suggests, this car was created for Cavallino’s 40-year history, and was launched in 1987.

Some consider it the first hypercar in history, as it had better characteristics than large cars, with a high price and performance. Think he could reach a maximum speed of 324 km / ha figure that 36 years ago could not be achieved by any other car.

The V8 engine and the weight of only 1,155 kg make it clear how strong this car was, which also stood out for the presence of the rear wing, capable of providing a large aerodynamic load. This probably is Sultan’s favorite redwho however owns other Prancing Horse cars, such as the SP2 Monza and others of unparalleled value.

According to what has emerged in recent years, it seems that Bolkia has a very close relationship and the Maranello company, from which he orders improved models with great consistency, and is always one of the first to receive new cars, enjoying them in his luxurious garage.

As mentioned, his collection is huge and also boasts jewels such as McLaren and Rolls-Royce, proving how much he is a real gourmet. Plus, there’s no shortage of great Bugattis around, and we’re sure that anyone would love to be able to wake up and find a treasure like this in their home.