He rented a Maserati and drove down the Spanish steps [WIDEO]

He rented a Maserati and drove down the Spanish steps [WIDEO]

The 37-year-old Saudi was driving around Rome on Tuesday-Wednesday night. At one point he found himself near the Spanish Steps – one of the most famous monuments in the entire capital of Italy. Then he thought it would be better to drop them off with a rental car.

City surveillance cameras caught a man driving his Maserati into a pedestrian zone at the top of the stairs. After some time, the recording shows how the car slides down the said tower. The direct contact between the body and its structure must have made the 37-year-old ponder. He got out of the car for a moment to assess his condition.

“Hero” and charges for destroying the monument

Finally the Maserati were on the road again. Unfortunately, it was not without damage to the Spanish Steps. The Roman office for the protection of the tombs reported that the right part of the apartment had been cracked. The cracks will be replaced with travertine blocks, which in its structure resemble marble.

The “hero” of all chaos will bear the consequences of his prank. The Saudi man fell into police custody when he tried to return a damaged Maserati to a rental company at Milan Airport. After his arrest, he was accused of destroying the monument.