He robbed tens of people, and the losses are counted in hundreds of thousands.  He also worked in our city

He robbed tens of people, and the losses are counted in hundreds of thousands. He also worked in our city

events Uniforms from neighboring counties caught a thief who stole money changers from several cars in Bełchatów last year. It turns out that the man fell in an unusual way. The uniformed officers’ attention was drawn to … driving very slowly. When they opened the trunk during the search, they saw a whole array of burglary tools.

In October last year, we reported on a series of thefts of stimulants that took place in Bełchatów. At that time, a thief fell prey to items from cars of that brand Mitsubishi ASX and Outlander. One robbery was committed by someone on axis. Lower Silesia near block 149. The entire incident was recorded by the surveillance system installed in the building. One of the residents of the area heard strange sounds from outside the window, but did not see anything outside.

The robbed man, like several other victims from Bełchatów, reported the incident to the uniformed officers of our city. It turns out that after a few months of a series of robberies, the thief was caught by the officers command in Łask.

– A 28-year-old resident of Częstochowa was detained for road control by police officers of the patrol and intervention unit of Grace Command. Late night hours, slow driving and foreign license plates of the car he drove piqued the interest of the uniformed officers – he says. Olga Królewiak from KPP in Łask.

It turns out that the man has much more on his conscience than the crimes committed in Bełchatów. During the inspection, the police found the man 2.5 grams of methamphetamine. In the trunk of his car, however, there were: cordless angle grinders, chain pipe cutters, a car jack and a variety of crowbars. The device confirmed that the 28-year-old could have volunteered or planned to steal catalytic converters in the city. The man was arrested.

– Police determined that the man chose cars that had factory-installed converters and overpriced cars. He often chose vehicles with increased ground clearance, eg SUVs or off-road vehicles, where he climbed under them without lifting, and then cut the catalytic converters using battery miter saws or special pipe cutting tools, reports Olga Królewiak .

It turned out that the resident of Częstochowa committed thefts not only in Bełchatów and Łask. He also worked in the field Konstanynów Łódzki, Zduńska Wola, Koluszki, Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Łódź, Wieluń and Pabianice. The total estimated value of the incentives he stole is about 200,000 zlotys. They were injured in the case 43 people.

– Charges were filed against the person at the District Court in Łask. For the actions committed, the man will be liable to imprisonment for up to 5 years – adds Olga Królewiak.