Heat Exchange: An economic approach to subsidy money for high income earners – Economy & Volkswagen – News

Heat Exchange: An economic approach to subsidy money for high income earners – Economy & Volkswagen – News

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Economics versus subsidies for heating systems from the rich

Updated: 05/20/2023, 21:00

Heat pumps: There are three types

Heat pumps: There are three types

Many consumers are switching to heat pumps. You can choose from three different types.

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Replacing a heating system can be expensive for consumers. Big funding is planned – but not everyone likes it.

Starting in 2024, the federal government plans to stop allowing new gas and oil heating systems. Exceptions are being planned and larger funding programs are also being discussed. But in the discussion about funding there are also opposing voices. Now the chairman of the so-called economic experts, Monika Schnitzer, has spoken in support of the improvement of government financing. “It is important here that low-income people are not burdened. At the same time, support measures should be targeted, because high-income people do not need any help,” he told our editorial team.

Schnitzer quickly demanded clarity on the actual principle. “It does not depend on the full moon as the start date, but on the fact that this will be necessary,” he said. “Then everyone can prepare for it and build the necessary capabilities at the right time: businesses and suppliers of heating systems.”

Changing the heating is not necessary for future district heating

After all, the economist expects that consumers will soon not have serious problems, Handyman searching for heat exchange. “Due to the increase in the interest rate, the number of planned new construction activities is decreasing. That should reduce the obstacles in business anyway,” said Schnitzer.

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It should also be quickly defined when in the individual community district heating will be provided. If there are binding plans for this, this can be considered in the possible transition periods. Installing a climate-sensitive heating system then probably won’t be necessary for most owners. (fm)

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