Heisel & Heiner opens a new factory in Unna

Heisel & Heiner opens a new factory in Unna

Heisel & Heiner
Bosch partner expands in Unna

By Cara Stibolitzki

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Heisel & Heiner Workshop, as a partner of Bosch Car Service, Volvo Trucks, Renault Trucks and Mercedes-Benz Trucks, has developed a new truck and mobile home workshop in Unna. The property was created with the help of the general contractor Borgers at a cost of seven million euros.

The rebuilding of the Heisel & Heiner workshop in Unna was necessary because the original operation was too small.

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A ton of asbestos and 1,200 tons of limestone later: After initial problems, Heisel & Heiner’s truck, mobile home and motorhome workshop has implemented its new construction project with general contractor Borgers. The total area of ​​the site in Unna east of Dortmund is 13,500 square meters.

First of all, the asbestos-containing rubble lying on the building site had to be removed. The companies also needed a few tons of lime to dry and strengthen the soil that had been softened by heavy rains.

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The reason for the new building was enough work space in the former workshop of 500 square meters. Initially this was designed for around six employees and, according to the owner Thomas Jende, “designed as a typical Bosch service” with its smaller premises.

However, with 35 employees now, the lack of space became more apparent, so that the new building started on April 6, 2021. On September 29, 2022, the new building covering about 2,470 square meters was completed. It includes a 990 square meter truck workshop, a 441 square meter workshop for mobile homes and cars, a warehouse and a two-storey office wing.

“ISO 14001”-certified “KfW Efficiency House 55” with photovoltaic system and heat pump is now available for employees; The total cost of construction is around seven million euros. The client placed particular importance on the clear separation of the various work areas, as the customer’s needs differ depending on the vehicle: The reception and storage area separates the workshop for cars, vans and mobile homes from the truck workshop.

As a service contract partner for Bosch Car Service, Volvo Trucks, Renault Trucks and Mercedes-Benz Trucks, Heisel & Heiner extended the track width of the new workshop truck to six meters: With a view to the future, the battery from electric trucks can also. removed there.

For customers with a mobile home, not only are experts available in the mobile home area for mechanical repairs, but also for interior design and exterior skin if necessary. Like the truck area, the car garage also has a different way of doing vehicle testing or repair work on driver assistance systems.

As a general construction company, Borgers has been involved in the construction of more than 1,500 automotive businesses and workshops. The company specializes in industrial and commercial buildings throughout Germany and is represented in three locations: in Stadtlohn in western Münsterland, in Rödermark in the district of Offenbach and in Potsdam.

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