Here are the cars that spy on us: Dacia and Renault at least, Tesla in last place.  |

Here are the cars that spy on us: Dacia and Renault at least, Tesla in last place. |

The Mozilla Foundation has conducted research related to the privacy of car users’ data. The result is scary – cars spy on us a lot.

“Car manufacturers have been boasting for years that their cars are ‘computers on wheels’ to promote their high-end features. But the conversation about what driving a car means for the privacy of its occupants has never been discussed. Although we were concerned that doorbells and our internet-connected watches can spy on us, car brands have quietly entered the data business, turning their cars into powerful data-gathering machines. , listening and gathering information about what you are doing and where you are going with your car.” – writes the basis in his report.

He also makes four serious accusations:

1. All businesses collect a lot of personal data

The study analyzed 25 car brands and gave 25 minutes to how the manufacturers use data and personal information. Each car brand collects more personal information than is necessary and uses this information for purposes other than vehicle operation and user relationship management. For context, only 63% of the mental health programs studied had this problem.

2. Many share or sell user data

The corporations that own the car brands have all this personal data in their possession to use for their own research, marketing or vague “business purposes”. However, the majority (84%) of car brands surveyed say they may share users’ personal data with service providers, data brokers and other companies. Worse, nineteen (76%) say they can sell users’ personal information.

A surprising number (56%) also say they may share user data with the government or law enforcement in response to a “request.” This is not a court order, but something like an informal request.

3. Many manufacturers give drivers little or no control over their personal information

All but two of the 25 car brands we analyzed received negative results for the data audit, meaning only two car brands, Renault and Dacia (which are owned by the same parent company), say all drivers have a right to their personal data. . In other words: car brands often do everything possible to legally gain access to personal data.

4. Inability to decide to follow minimum security standards

Dating apps and sex toys publish more detailed safety information than cars. While every car brand surveyed had several long-standing privacy policies (Toyota has the most — as many as 12), there was no evidence that any of the brands met minimum security standards. For example, it is impossible to tell whether any vehicle is encrypting all the personal data contained in the vehicle.

List of brands in terms of respecting user privacy

(from best to worst)

  1. Renault
  2. Dacia
  3. BMW
  4. Subaru
  5. FIAT
  6. Jeep
  7. Chrysler
  8. Dodge
  9. Volkswagen
  10. Toyota
  11. Lexus
  12. Ford
  13. Lincoln
  14. Audi
  15. Mercedes
  16. Honda
  17. Acura
  18. Come on
  19. Chevrolet
  20. Buick
  21. GMC
  22. Cadillac
  23. Hyundai
  24. Nissan
  25. Tesla

source: Mozilla Foundation

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