Here is a double Jeep Wrangler, a two-in-one SUV

Here is a double Jeep Wrangler, a two-in-one SUV

Can’t get enough of Jeep? Then consider the Jeep Wrangler two, a unique example of a Siamese car. The only downside: it’s not for sale…

In Morocco, Merzouga National 4×4 Museum hides some well-buried treasures. In 2013, a video was circulated on Youtube showing a Jeep Wrangler very strange going around the streets of Morocco. Very strange, because it was a car built from two Jeeps glued together. A unique example of a Siamese car by the way!

In fact, it is unlikely that you will meet this car on the road during your stay in Morocco, because it is more than descriptive example belonging to the national 4×4 museum of Merzouga. This funny museum, however, seems more ordinary: it is dedicated to the exhibition of models of SUVs used in the region to cope with driving in the Sahara desert. But of course, it also has amazing pieces!

A well-maintained Siamese Jeep Wrangler model in Morocco

One of a kind, this Jeep Wrangler double has no less eight seats, although it only has two doors. As evidenced by a video circulated in 2013, it is not just a simple demonstration model as it is possible to drive it. However, it has no other use than to be displayed in the 4×4 museum of Merzouga. How else can it be put to good use?

Everything is double in this car except, of course, the wheels. Various pictures of this Jeep show that it has two axles for the wheels, a double bumper with two grilles. The middle of the car also shows that it is actually a combination between two Jeeps, and not a model built on the same block.

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Little information is still available on this car

What characterizes this car is also the lack of information about it. Why was this Siamese Jeep created? It seems, no history not issued by the museum. Even more amazing, the same museum shows another model of Jeep, this time thinner than usual! It would seem then that a local manufacturer or designer was happy to change the dimensions of the Jeep Wrangler.

The Jeep double is starting to age a bit, so its performance isn’t necessarily up to par with more modern models. But again, no information has been released on this point. It is likely that at least it is equipped with a V6 engine, either 3.6 liters or 3.8 liters. In any case, it is certain one of the most amazing cars never built!