Here’s what owners think about their car –

Here’s what owners think about their car –

The second generation XC60, the model we describe in this article, has been on the market for about six years now. The SUV received an update in mid-2022. From then on, the infotainment system is based on Android Automotive and the model benefits from new radars, cameras and sensors that should increase safety. External changes are so few that we can’t talk about a facelift.

The Volvo XC60 price list was filled with a large number of engine variants. Very powerful plug-in hybrids, with power up to 455 hp, are perhaps the most popular. Diesels were completely phased out in 2020 and those who desire an electric SUV will have to move to the smaller Volvo XC40 or the new EX90.

Drivers about comfort Volvo XC60

The step forward that Volvo wanted to make is recognized by consumers. “The comfort of the car is much higher than before. He is very quiet. On rough roads you only hear the tires. You don’t hear the engine at all, even when accelerating.” In full, the reviewer describes his XC60 T5 AWD, not a plug-in hybrid. The silence on board is also well emphasized by the T5’s other driver. “The Volvo is very well finished. Good materials that feel good. It’s amazing that the car is so quiet, which greatly improves comfort.

Not every XC60 is the same, as the owner of the plug-in T8 hybrid with the R-Design package and experience 22-inch wheels. small bumps on the road surface are noticeable, but not to the extent that they become annoying. Given the good layout of the chassis, this was expected. The owner who compares the car with the old Volvo V70 also finds the car stable. “The XC60 is very good, but in a way of German. On the stiffer side.” Air suspension is also available as an option, making the car especially good for drivers who choose it.

Offer seating and space

You don’t have to look far in Volvo reviews to get feedback on the seats, the XC60 is no exception. So for a change we choose an owner who has an important note: “The seats in the XC60 are good, but firmer than I’m used to.” Another is already on stage, ready to hand out the prize. “If there is a Nobel Prize for car seats, I know who the winner will be.” We highly recommend this author’s entire review.

Rear passengers also seem to have nothing to complain about. “Space in the back seat, and especially legroom, is also better than the previous model, resulting in less boot space.” For those who want to know: the capacity of the trunk of this XC60 T5 is 505 liters, the output of the plug is less than forty liters.


The Volvo XC60’s dashboard features a large, vertical infotainment screen that controls most of the vehicle’s interior and operation. Few owners find it difficult to explain this system, which we cautiously conclude that it works properly.

Since the new version of 2020, there is a new system based on Android Automotive. This seems to depend a lot on the internet, an experienced 2021 model owner. “Last Sunday, the car was offline all day, it has its own sim. Without the possibility of getting online, so there is no navigation and no digital radio (which means no DAB +, ed.). That took 24 hours, after which the car automatically came back online.”

Pilot Support in XC60

Driving assistants on board provide different responses. The autonomous driving assistant Pro Pilot doesn’t seem to be an exemplary driver or at least it doesn’t drive the way this driver wants: “My experience is mostly good, but the system often stays a little far and cries in the lane. . It’s really weird when you feel like you’re just running past a truck. ” A T8 owner from 2018 describes a T8 owner from 2018, even when the curve is approaching. That can lead to a dangerous situation.”

Nothing positive to report? Indeed. The owner who realizes that the car is going too hard on the right side is saved from the accident by the intervention of his car. “The safety systems have now proven their value after the emergency stop of the car itself. I’m not sure if I would have stopped in time for that unexpected traffic.”

Discomfort and annoyance

Volvo XC60 turns out to be a very reliable car, if we believe the owners. First-time users may experience problems with the rear door lift arms, which have been recalled. The owner of the XC60 T8 faced a huge cost twice. Once with a faulty communication module, the other time with a faulty on-board charger that prevented the car from charging. These two problems were solved through a compassionate plan that the owner could live with.

Engines and power trains

Users report no complaints about the various motors, the existing motors are found to be adequate. This also applies to the D4, with a 190 hp second powerful diesel engine. “D4 is enough for this car and in Germany on the Autobahn even 220 is not a problem,” notes the owner of such a car. “Sufficient reserve to pass.” However, D4 owners would prefer a larger fuel tank.

For those who just think high power is good enough, Volvo offers the plug-in hybrid T8, which is available under the Twin Engine and Recharge names. Initially, this power train produced a system power of 407 hp, which has now increased to 455 hp. “The first time I spoke with 400 hp in this car, I was a little shocked. Wow! For a quiet car, this owner can also squeeze about 40 km of electricity from the battery pack. We close with the last T8 driver, also a plug user enthusiastic. “I live 23 km from work and the brake mode is on, so that the hybrid battery can be recharged during braking, I almost got there and returned 1 battery charge. Exactly!”