Herxheim: Erik Riss receives a wildcard for the start of the World Cup / Long Track GP

Herxheim: Erik Riss receives a wildcard for the start of the World Cup / Long Track GP

The opening GP line-up of the World Long Track Championships is ready. At the start of the World Cup in Herxheimer Waldstadion, Erik Riss will add a wild card to the field. Max Dilger and Daniel Spiller are reservists.

As in the previous year, the first points in the World Long Track Championship will be awarded on Father’s Day in Herxheim, before things continue with the second Grand Prix in France at Marmande in July. For Martin Smolinski, as world champion in 2023, it will be about laying the groundwork to defend his title. Lukas Fienhage and Michael Härtel also want to start with a good result in Herxheim.

With the organizer wild, Erik Riss will complete a strong German line-up in the first GP series of the 2024 season. As a club driver for the Herxheim motorsport association, which his father Gerd Riss also drove for, the 10-year-old The 28-year-old wants to continue to show that he is still pursuing ambitious goals in the long run and is participating in the World Cup. Max Dilger was named first reserve and last year’s wildcard driver Daniel Spiller was named second reserve.

The World Cup participants will train in Herxheim on May 8 at 4:30 am at the Herxheimer Bahn stadium. On Ascension Day, the GP will start after the driver presentation at 1pm and the first race at 1:30pm. After the start in Herxheim, the last two races will take place in Germany on August 18 in Scheeßel and September 14 in Vechta. The 2024 world champion will then be crowned on September 22 at the fifth GP in Roden, Holland.

Langbahn-GP line 1 in Herxheim:

Jacob Bukhave (DK)
Josef Franc (CZ)
Jordan Dubenard (FRA)
Dave Meijerink (NL)
Andrew Appleton (GB)
Zach Wajtknecht (GB)
Lukas Fienhage (D)
Chris Harris (GB)
Tero Aarnio (FIN)
Erik Riss (D)
Kenneth Kruse Hansen (DK)
Hynek Stichauer (CZ)
Michael Härtel (D)
Martin Smolinski (D)
Romano Hummel (NL)
Res.: Max Dilger (D)
Author: Daniel Spiller (D)