High margin of safety: Scholz-Harmer drove a black Audi  Regional

High margin of safety: Scholz-Harmer drove a black Audi Regional

This is the biggest collapse of political security in recent years!

On the tarmac at Frankfurt Airport, an unknown man approached Chancellor Olaf Scholz (64, SPD) on Wednesday evening, shook his hand – and even hugged him! The neighboring police and BKA officers did not respond at first.

Serious security breach!

Now BILD learned: The man with a Greek surname had taken drugs. Hugger Scholz admitted to the police that he had taken cocaine before.

The man appeared confused when he was arrested, police officials said. He then admitted to using drugs.

But how could the stranger be so close to the chancellor?

According to BILD, a man in a black Audi A5 simply joined the line of Ministers as they drove through the city center of Frankfurt towards the airport.

The police did not see the car because Scholz and BKA officers were driving a dark Audi A8. The A5 wore a Hessian license plate. Chancellor’s cars have a special plate with the number B of Berlin.

The authorities are in turmoil

The BKA wants to pass the money on to the state police, as they were the last vehicle in the line, the police car. At the airport operator Fraport, the state police and senior officials in the Ministry of the Interior, shake their heads at the civilized work of the BKA people. No one wants to say it officially anymore because of the explosion of the topic.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz (64, SPD) with a security guard at the airport

Photo: Soeren Stache/dpa

According to BILD news, the 48-year-old man joined the government convoy around 10:30 pm in the Offenbach area near the Kaiserlei roundabout. About 20 km from the airport. And no one noticed the dark Audi. The journey led at high speed, accompanied by blue lights, over the A661, A3 and A5.

According to BILD news, a certain number of vehicles were registered at the Cargo City South gate in the south of the airport. However, the number is often known only by the BKA. Behind the air cargo terminal there is also a parking space for private jets – in the so-called Sierra parking space.

A BKA officer was standing at the barricade and received a radio call as the column approached. He instructed an employee of the Fraport airline to open the barrier. The column ran at high speed, at more than 50 kilometers per hour – including the black Audi A5 of the chancellor’s future hugger.

Cross-border investigation

When the man came out and hugged the Chancellor on the tarmac, BKA discovered a major security breach.

According to BILD news, Scholz-Hugger is being investigated for breaking the law. He may also be investigated for dangerous interference with air traffic because he was illegally on the apron.

However, lawyers consider it unlikely that the man will be convicted. After all, the apron was cleared for him by BKA guards and state police.

Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (52, SPD) announced the results. “This must not happen,” said the politician. One will now “correctly deal with what was wrong to be able to turn things off as much as possible”.