Hiring Hamilton, a mistake with Ferrari?  The four-time world champion asks questions

Hiring Hamilton, a mistake with Ferrari? The four-time world champion asks questions

“Everyone is a Ferrari fan, even if they pretend otherwise, they are” smiled Sebastian Vettel as he donned the colors of the Scuderia. The German was right. After a career spent at McLaren then Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton is preparing to cross the Alps to join Maranello in 2025, aged almost 40.

After 18 seasons in Formula 1, the Briton will face what is most likely his last challenge. But out of the question to consider going there for early retirement. In contrast, Hamilton aims to win his eighth world title with the sport’s most successful team.

Prost questions Hamilton’s recruitment success

The current Mercedes driver will leave the German team, which he joined in 2013 and with which he won 6 titles. His decision came as a surprise as he had extended last August for a year, with one as an option. He preferred to leave rather than raise the possibility of staying one more season with Mercedes. His choice to join Ferrari at almost 40, however, raises questions for some, especially Alain Prost.

“In 2026 he will be 42, maybe even 43, so it will be a different story.” shares the Frenchman with Sports Illustrated. “But I understand why he doesn’t want to stop running. The question is whether it is a good decision. Would this be a good choice? And we can also ask a question to Ferrari.”

“It’s good for F1, because everyone will watch it. We can have an idea of ​​how it will be, but this view that we can have today will be different next year at the same time. the field, because he will be one year old. Will he get his motivation at Ferrari?

“The relationship with Charles (Leclerc), but also the environment at Ferrari, is also important. He spent a lot of time with the English team, at Mercedes, with the way of working, and he goes to the Italian team, especially with different pressure, a different way of thinking, under pressure from the media. I think it’s not that easy.”

Lewis Hamilton has signed for at least two seasons with Ferrari and will be on the grid until the end of 2026 when he will be 42 years old. However, he will not be the oldest on the grid since Fernando Alonso has extended his contract with Aston Martin and will be aged 45 years at the end of 2026.

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Summing up

Alain Prost is not entirely convinced that Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari is a very good idea. The Frenchman fears that the weight of years is beginning to weigh on the seven-time world champion.