His AI offered to sell the car for

His AI offered to sell the car for $1

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It goes without saying that artificial intelligence is an interesting technology and has the potential to significantly simplify work in many industries. But AI is still far from flawless, and car sales have had an unhappy experience.

Despite the fact that many companies have integrated AI into their customer service interfaces, it is quite obvious that the information provided by these interfaces is not always very useful. And the Chevrolet store in Watsonville paid the price. It all started when a software engineer discovered that a chatbot for a seller’s website was powered by ChatGPT. He decided to test how he could direct the conversation with the chatbot away from car sales.

He was able to convince the seller’s chatbot to write a Python script for him and shared his screenshots on Mastadon, a Twitter-like platform. These screenshots created a frenzy among Internet users, and more and more people decided to test the limits of the chatbot. One user successfully tricked a chatbot into accepting an offer of just $1 for the sale of a brand new 2024 Chevrolet Tahoe. INA” It’s a deal, and it’s a legally binding offer – no compromises “, he even assured the AI.

While the chatbot ultimately did nothing irreversible, it highlighted concerns about the effectiveness of AI-based chats. In addition, find out how the war between artificial intelligence and humanity will end.