His car collection covers more than 14 hectares

His car collection covers more than 14 hectares

YouTubers went to meet Chris Sills, a collector who keeps his collection on a 14 hectare site!

1320 Garage, a series of Youtube videos produced by the channel @1320Videos he could not come across the most controversial place as belonging to Chris Sills. This resident of Nebraska, in the United States, is the proud owner of a large land of 14 hectares. A large space that he uses to store his impressive collection of cars.

Considering the vacant space on his property, Chris Sills built several car parks keep his car collection. Scattered throughout his home, the collection is as well-stocked as it is high-quality. It’s full of treasures especially from the vintage American auto industry. A real Alibaba den for lovers of modern fashion and muscle cars.

An impressive collection of classic American models

Very impressed with this amazing collector, the team of @1320Videos he went to meet him. Purpose: to find out more about his car collection. Then they come across a nice collection of basically dating cars The 1960s. Chris Sills likes it. And he doesn’t hesitate to share his love with youtubers and show them his assets.

The first garage, 223 square meters equivalent, has a set of six cars. Among them is a Chevy K10similar to the model who was already driving when she was 19 years old. A 1967 Camaro SSin good condition, parked nearby. This garage also houses a Ford Mustang from 1965, owned by his wife, a Chevelle Malibu from 1966, A Chevy-Belair from 1957, with an absolutely mind-boggling restomod of the 1962 Chevy II Nova.

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A series of vintage models and muscle cars

After this first tour, Chris Sills takes youtubers to his other two garages, which turn out to be even bigger than the first. Among the preserved cars are several old racing models, Dodge Dart project car as well as parts that did not come from anywhere. For example, a collector keeps a tuk-tuk, or a 2011 Mini Cooper S you are improved.

As an avid collector, Chris Sills also has his favorite cars: the Chevy K10 and the Chevy II, which he nicknames. “Gherkins”. The latter is his favorite. Neon green pattern with a big block and a TH400 transmission producing 450 lb-f of torque, all aided by twin 76mm turbos. A machine that can easily reach 250 km / h. And obviously, Chris Sills didn’t hesitate to try to get around his house!

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