his life and his cars

his life and his cars

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January 24, 2003they passed exactly 20 years since his death of one of the most important characters in the history of economics and entrepreneurshipItaly. This past twentieth anniversary is about the figure of Giovanni Agnelli, say Johnall that Italy better known as “A lawyer“. Gianni Agnelli for decades he has carried the emblem of Italian capitalism, becoming an example and reference for many Italians.

The life and work of a Turin entrepreneur

Gianni Agnelli was born in Turin On March 12, 1921, his parents chose to name him after his grandfather, the founder of Fiatthat”Italian Car Factory Turin” the same A lawyer will lead to a climax after the years spent as a student, as vice president, in the shadow of Victor Vallettawho was able to lead the Turin company with wisdom and excellence after the death of the founder in 1945. The Agnelli familyits okay Johnthey have a lot of debt Vallettawho knew how to recruit a great workforce from all over Beautiful country (most of all from the South) and he was also able to deal with the unions and significantly increase the amount of sales by using economic growth. It’s just full boom that John Lambs takes the helm of Fiatin 1966 it was announced the president and immediately it must face the political and social problems brought about by many years of protests, protests by students and workers and that revolutionary atmosphere that in Italy it has been breathing for about a decade.

Lambs puts it behind him Years to lead only thanks to the decisive character and the mediating nature that resides in him, qualities that from 1974 to 1976 lead him to hold the position of President of Confindustria. By the end of the 70s, A lawyer it finds itself giving off the greatest luster in history to Fiatplanting that in the 80s transformed the company into one to hold and different interests, which are not limited to the automotive industry (which, by the way, he had also takenAlfa Romeo and Ferrari), but ranges from publishing to insurance. In 1991 he was appointed Senator for life from President of the Republic Francis Cossiga and five years later he gives the stick Cesar Romiti. After a long illness and much personal pain caused by significant emotional losses, John Agnelli he died in early 2003.

Avvocato, for many an icon of style and entrepreneurship

Especially 20 years ago, Gianni Agnellifor everyone”A lawyer“, he died. Although his appearance is not of this world for two decades, John Agnelli continues to be a model of style and an example of entrepreneurship. Before the birth of FCA and evolution within StellantisThe Italian and European car market was heavily dominated by Fiat. The international company of Turin became the largest car company under the leadership ofA lawyer John Lambsgrandson of the founder John he drove for thirty years Fiatliving his youth among fast cars, the good life and an international set of jets, all blending into a maturity that includes strategic and often difficult business choices.

And John Lambs driving a car, Fiat it included other brands such as Autobianchi, Throw, Ferrari, Abarth, Alpha Romeo, maserati and Innocent. Lambs He certainly lived a rich life economically and professionally, but there were very difficult times. He has been one of the main characters for many decades Italy thanks to his ways of doing things that led him to have a great influence on a large part of Italians. Far from soccer (be a big fan and President of Juventus) John Lambs of course he was a big car fan and in his life he owned many, of course Italian, almost always customized. A lawyer so he showed his superiority style and his elegance not only for ties, see the cuff, suede shoes and innate skillsbut also with all Cars which he owned and operated.

Gianni Agnelli cars: the most impressive examples of a true enthusiast

As logic dictates, Gianni Agnelli he preferred only Italian cars, specially modified with automatic transmission and servo control for the clutch due to a leg injury he suffered in an accident in 1952 when he hit a truck on the Turin-Monte Carlo route.

Michael SchumacherGianni Agnelli
Schumacher in conversation with lawyer Gianni Agnelli

Twenty years ago, goodbye to Avvocato Agnelli: a list of his unique cars

A leading person in automotive entrepreneurship such as Gianni Agnelli it undoubtedly marked an era that includes the same cars that still spread its story today:

  • Ferrari Testarossa convertiblenot in the price list, there was only one and it was for him;
  • Ferrari 365 Pthe first Prancing Horse three-seater, built in 1965;
  • Ferrari 360 BarchettaAgnelli made this unique model to give to Luca Cordero di Montezemolo on the occasion of his wedding;
  • Fiat 130 Familiare “Vila d’Este”, the car in which he went on vacation to St. Moritz;
  • Fiat Croma 3.0 V6, Avvocato’s favorite;
  • Fiat Multipla Mare, built for him by Pininfarina to use on cruises;
  • Fiat Panda, used in his spare time by the lawyer to travel from one residence to another;
  • Lancia Delta Integrale Spider, built in six months to pay tribute to the queen of rally history;
  • Lancia K and Lancia Thema Limousine, cars that took Agnelli to the most important appointments with politicians and institutions;
  • Lancia Thema SW Zagato, Agnelli station wagon