Historical Tour: the show will take place!

Historical Tour: the show will take place!

Due to the uncertainty due to compliance with the Public Health Regulation, the 6th Tour de France Historic Championship will take place from May 26 to 28 at the Albi circuit. The Prince of Tarn has given the green light: it’s showtime!

So the 2023 motoring season begins this weekend with a round of the historic Tour de France in Albi. It is surprising to say that the event is patiently awaited by many motorcycle lovers in our region, as it is not true to say that this championship, which will again exceed the standards set by the Public Health Code in terms of noise pollution, will have a huge debt to the irrepressible will of the City of Albi and the governor of Tarn to maintain a competition that is likely to produce the fewest complaints, and also to Gérard Poujade, who agreed to renew. conversation with a genuine desire to calm down. By confirming that the decree issued by the Mayor of Sequester in 2022 and which prohibits more than four fuel vehicles to drive at the same time on the circuit has become null and void following the resumption of the Circuit in direct management by the City of Albi. (interpretation disputed by Gérard Poujade), the governor took the position and signed the receipt approving the competition. However, it is not excluded, if the evolution of relations between the two parties turns from the “good stability” shown during Wednesday’s meeting, that it is up to the administrative court to decide the dispute later… Beyond the ‘Historic Tour. , we can hope that the future of racing with hot engines at the circuit of Albi took a new direction with the meeting organized on Wednesday afternoon in the town hall of Le Séquestre and which brought together, with the mayor of the district and the head, the parties good and bad for the organization of “noisy” competition (see elsewhere).

19 races during the weekend!

But for now, it’s competition time! The Historic Tour will bring together more than 300 cars in Albi, divided into several grids and competing for the Historic Circuits of France Championship. This revival of the Grand Prix Historique d’Albi established in the format of a modern competition found its audience immediately and the 6th edition of the Albigensian meeting promises a fierce battle on the 3.5 km route that promotes animated and decisive races. After Friday, traditionally dedicated to practice and qualifying sessions, 19 races will be held over the weekend. At least 200 cars from the 50s to the 90s, single-seaters, GTs and other so-called “Touring” cars are expected on Saturday and Sunday with the races taking place in a 20- to 30-minute fashion depending on the division and 90 minutes for the endurance races.

After what promises to be a great celebration, motorcycle lovers will not miss to note in their diary the following events on the cycle calendar: Retro Weekend (June 24 and 25), Grand Prix d’Albi (September 1), and Truck Grand Prix (October 13 to 15).

Toward “good stability? »

François-Xavier Lauch and Gérard Poujade took part on Wednesday afternoon in the Sequester Town Hall in a mediation meeting in front of the supporters and opponents of the circuit of Albi (1). At the end of this meeting, the governor of Tarn emphasized his intention to “continue to work firmly to allow mediation, in agreement with the two municipalities”. The negotiations, which had recently been broken off, were therefore able to resume between different parties, each presenting its own point of view. The head recalled his desire to see the Albi circuit in the future “promote economic activities that respect the Public Health Code”, while continuing to “ensure that it is done for heritage communities”. Gérard Poujade, for his part, said he was satisfied that negotiations could be restarted and welcomed “a strong desire to calm down” on the part of both parties. Reforms are planned, but for the first time in a long time, a kind of hope seems to prevail so that, within the framework to be defined, the heat engine race is not completely removed from the Sequester ring.

  1. Two “anti-circuit” associations (ARAS, CRAAC 81) and two “pro-circuit” associations (ASA and ASCA).

French GT-Tourism PRE 90 Championship

Over 2L Competition

Saturday 3:15 pm and Sunday 4 pm (2 x 25 minutes): GT/Touring cars of – 2000 cm3 and – 200 hp from before 1981

The Lotus Trophy

Saturday 10:20 am and Sunday 10 am (2 x 30 min): Lotus Seven and old Caterham

Maxi 2L Classic

Saturday 5:20 pm and Sunday 10:45 am (2 x 25 min.): GT/Touring cars over 2000 cc (and – 2000 cc over 200 hp) from before 1981

maxi 1300 series

Saturday 5:20 pm and Sunday 10:45 am (2 x 25 min): GT/Touring cars of – 1300 cm3 before 1977

French Championship single-seater model

Ford’s Historic Challenge

Saturday 11:50 am and Sunday 9:20 am (2 x 25 min): Ford-One set before 1982 SportProtosCup

Saturday 4:40 pm and Sunday 3:20 pm (2 x 25 minutes): Sport-Protos from before 1995

F3 Classic Trophy

Saturday 3:55 pm and Sunday 1:50 pm (2 x 30 minutes): F3 single seats before 1985

Renault Classic Trophy system

Saturday 3:55 pm and Sunday 1:50 pm (2 x 30 minutes): Formula Renault (atmo and turbo) from before 1995

Ford Kent Trophy

Saturday 2:35 pm, Sunday 11:25 am (2 x 25 min.): Ford Kent pre-1993 single seater + Ford Zetec Ford Zetec excluding coupe

French GT-Tourism Post 90 Championship

Roadster Pro Cup

Sunday 8:40 am and 4:40 pm (2 x 25 minutes): Mazda MX-5s of the first generation

Saloon Cars Trophy

Saturday 11:05 am and Sunday 2:35 pm (2 x 30 min): GT/Tourism before 1999

Classic GT Trophy

Saturday 11:05 am and Sunday 2:35 pm (2 x 30 minutes): GT before 1998

Youngtimers GTI Cup

Saturday 11:05 am and Sunday 2:35 pm (2 x 30 min): GTIs under 2L from before 1991

Historic French Endurance Racing

200 kilometers from the Historical Tour

Saturday 6:05 pm (90 minutes): Eligible prototypes/GTs/sedans on Historic Tour platforms

Plan and price

Friday: private practice from 8:30 am to 3:15 pm Qualifiers from 3:25 pm to 7:05 pm – Saturday: praise from 8:30 am to 10:05 am, from 12:30 pm to 12:50 pm Race (9) from 10:20 to 12:15 pm and from 2:35 to 7:35 pm – Sunday: race (10) from 8:40 am to 11:50 am and from 1:50 pm to 5: 05 pm Ticket office: 3-day pass €25, Friday €5, Saturday €15, Sunday €20. Free entry for under 15s.