Hit-and-run in Waltrop – Audi A3 is off

Hit-and-run in Waltrop – Audi A3 is off

Something like this means trouble for the owner of the affected vehicle: The police report escaping from the accident. The Audi A3 was tuned in Waltrop.

Beautiful raindrops sit on the four rings, an Audi trademark, on the radiator grille.
The Audi – here is a photo of the model – was destroyed south of Waltrop. © photo union/dpa

The runaway accident occurred in the Leveringhäuser Feld shopping area in Waltrop. According to the police, a black Audi A3 was damaged. The whole thing happened on the road “Zum Schacht” south of Waltrop, sometime between Saturday evening (July 9) and Monday afternoon (July 11). The black Audi A3 now has scratches and dents on the front right side and rim. Officials estimate the damage caused to be around 1250 euros.

Police are looking for witnesses to the incident in Waltrop

There are no clues as to who caused the fire, but police are asking for witnesses to come forward. Anyone who can provide information about the accident or who caused it, please contact the police in Recklinghausen. Concerned traffic authorities can be reached by calling 0800/2361-111,” the police said.

Police often say that fleeing a traffic accident is not a minor offense – even if “only” property damage has occurred. Even a supposedly simple bump in a parking lot is a criminal offense under Section 142 of the Criminal Code (StGB). Depending on the extent of the damage and whether people were injured, anyone who is caught after a hit-and-run should face fines, points, suspension of their driver’s license or, in the worst case, imprisonment.