Hobby brings camping bus to VW Crafter

Hobby brings camping bus to VW Crafter

New things 2023

Motorhome Hobby developer has signed a partnership agreement with VW. At Caravan Salon 2022 in Düsseldorf, the brand seeks to present the first modified panel car to Crafter.

The partnership between Volkswagen and Hobby is designed as a long-term project. Hobby CEO Bernd Löher describes the alliance as “directing the way” to the Hobby-Fendt Group: “Crafter has all the qualities that our customers already know from their vehicles and value especially in the safety zone.”

According to him, the Hobby brand wants to strategically expand its portfolio and use Crafter to promote “entry into the camp payment section”. Definitely a worthwhile project. Campervans is the fastest growing area in the entertainment car industry.

Je! What can a hobby crafter look like?

Just last year, the Hobby showcased Beachy Van based on the Citroën Jumper based on the Beachy Caravan. The luxury car of a car with an emerging roof is priced at around 50,000 euros. Is there a version of Beachy Premium coming to Crafter?


Beachy jumper extensions come without a bathroom and are minimal. The high-end version based on VW can bring more sanitation room and equipment – similar to the VW Grand California or the Crafter Schwabenmobil Florida Family L extension, both have a high roof.

The concept of a Beachy emerging roof can remain the same: Private builder Car-Klinik launched a Crafter camper car with an emerging roof in 2021 and a family camp. Interestingly: The Crafter as a camping bus carries a lot of beds in these versions. The Beachy family camp can also be imagined.

VW wants to continue to focus on van life

In any case, the topic of van life will be at the forefront and so new campers will be addressed. This is supported by the fact that Lars Krause, Member of the VW Commercial Vehicles Management Board, suspects a growing trend in this area: “‘Vanlife’ has become a real life style. So we are very much looking forward to a partnership with Hobby. is an excellent basic vehicle for Hobby motorhomes. “

Meanwhile, the Hobby could also drive a new line with a VW base car. In itself, Crafter can also be the basis of an extended motorhome. Knaus Van TI according to MAN, Crafter’s sister model, shows what is possible in this chassis.

The hobby can also focus directly on the topic of electric campers with VW Crafter, which has been available as an electric car since 2019. The eBeachy version on E-Crafter is theoretically possible. However, a very short electronic transmission line, which has so far been widely used in in-city delivery traffic, opposes this.


Hobby and VW are still silent about the details of their recently concluded partnership. The promobil editorial team remains on topic and will report on the budding of this vanlife merger soon with Caravan Salon 2022 in Düsseldorf.

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