Holes.  A dead body in a burnt car.  Seat burnt to bottom, license plate preserved

Holes. A dead body in a burnt car. Seat burnt to bottom, license plate preserved

The prosecutor’s office in Pszczyna already knows to whom the chair, which burned completely in Studzienice, belonged to. One of the license plates has been preserved. Inside, a charred body was found in the driver’s seat. Now, DNA tests have been ordered to confirm who he was. The fire broke out near the cemetery, near the forest, away from the main road.

The District Prosecutor in Pszczyna opened an investigation under Article 155 of the Criminal Code, namely the murder of a man whose burned body was discovered by investigators in the remains of the seat on Monday in Studzienice.

As Jadwiga Śmietana, the police spokesperson in Pszczyna informed us yesterday, the car burned to the ground. It was not known who the victim was. It’s still a mystery, but a rumor has emerged.

– The license plate is reserved. Based on these numbers, the owner of the car was determined – says Marta Kuc, deputy district prosecutor in Pszczyna. At this stage of the investigation, it does not reveal any information about the owner. It is not yet known if he is the one who died in the fire.

Now the prosecution will provide a DNA comparison of the deceased and the owner of the chair.

A charred corpse in a charred car in an area far from the cemetery

The tragedy happened on Monday, February 14 after 10.00 am. Services were notified about a car fire in Studzienice in Pszczyna poviat. – After the end of the firefighting operation, the body of a burnt person was discovered inside the car. He was sitting in the driver’s seat – said Śmietana yesterday.

On Monday, it was only known what brand the car was.

A terrible seat fire in StudzieniceSilesian Police


It was not the result of a road accident

Investigators explain how the tragedy happened. As Śmietana reported yesterday, the fire was not caused by a road accident. – The seat was in a remote area, near the forest, away from the main road, namely Jana Pawła II Street – explained the spokesman.

A perpendicular road runs from John Paul II, next to which there is a parish cemetery, and on the other side there is an unpaved place for parking. A burned out car was found in this wild parking lot.

Prosecutor Marta Kuc: – So far, there are no suspicions that other parties contributed to the incident.

Main image source: Silesian Police