Honda, a new sustainable series

Honda, a new sustainable series

Transition, like sustainability, is also very important to Honda. And true to his plans, here he brings to the table, sorry, to the European market a package of products that can reach the global goal of zero carbon by 2050, and the middle step of 2040 in which he will offer only electric cars. (electric, hybrid, including plug-in and hydrogen fuel cell). All thanks to the investment of 64 billion dollars by 2030 and not forgetting the e:Progress payment service provided for new cars in the pipeline by Honda, which is also 75 years old. Service (charger connected to variable energy tariffs and smart software) which already premiered in 2019 in the UK and Germany and which will be expanded to the rest of Europe within a year. By bus, in the future also used on other non-Honda vehicles.

As for the product, we are talking about three new SUVs, two hybrids, see ZR-V and CR-V (for the first time in Europe also a hybrid plug) and electricity, unpronounceable e: Ny1: which effectively completes the electrification of the range after the introduction of the hybrid Civic. With Tokyo House’s first electric motorcycle, orE-M1e:part of at least 10 new EV models that Honda will launch globally by 2025.

“Europe is important to our company and in this region we have many loyal customers who drive our cars and motorcycles, and use our power products – explained Katsuhisa Okuda, President and Director of Honda Motor Europe -. Today we are expanding the range of automotive products and technologies, the largest in many years. Furthermore, by improving our offer to integrate energy services, we are laying the foundations for the electricity supply of the future and at the same time moving closer to our global sustainability goalsĀ».


The first of Honda’s new SUVs produced in China as well as the other two – is the all-new ZR-V, in the middle of the range between the HR-V and CR-V. A very young hybrid C-segment, with a 2.0 direct injection four-cylinder engine like the Civic e:HEV, supported however by two electric motors that improve performance and efficiency.


The first European version, also in plug-in hybrid version, as well as the full hybrid version, makes this model (very popular in America for more than 25 years) complete the update. and electrification of a wide range of Honda SUVs. However, that does not mean the abandonment of the traditional movement with the petrol 2.0, four cylinders, properly adjusted and refined, always in terms of efficiency and performance. Finally, the Honda Sensing 360 safety system also debuts on the new CR-V, which provides a global view of the vehicle to reduce collisions and accidents as much as possible.


Another novelty of Honda’s program comes with an innovative zero-emission car, the second electric car from the Tokyo company, after the Honda e. Part B to enter full battle with other manufacturers which has a battery of 68.8 kWh and which, according to the Japanese company, guarantees autonomy of 412 km. I laughedThis was possible thanks to a very rigid body, a very low center of gravity and aerodynamics in general – especially the one under the floor – really intelligent due to the reduction of air resistance.


To complete the offer, Honda’s first electric motorcycle could not be missed, the EM1 e:, compact and light – it weighs only 95 kg – which has a range of 41.3 km which can reach 48 km in ECO mode, at high speed of 45 km / h. The secret is the Honda Mobile Power Pack, that is, a removable battery placed under the saddle that can be easily replaced with another charge in one of the stations that will be enabled for service. Transition and sustainability can go hand in hand even for Honda.