Honda Accord 2.0i LS – well made and powerful

Honda Accord 2.0i LS – well made and powerful

However, its predecessor from the years 92-98 is still an optional car. There are several engine and body versions to choose from: an American-made coupé, an Aerodeck hatchback, and a sedan. All Accord engines are powerful. In Poland, Honda is often seen as a sedan with a two-liter unit and 131 hp. It makes the Accord a limousine with a sporty character. It allows for efficient city driving and fast highway travel. At the same time, fuel consumption is at an acceptable level. On average, 8.5 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers is enough.

The disadvantage of the engine is the loud operation at high revs. The sporty outlook of the Honda Accord 2.0i LS is also supported by a powerful silhouette. Regardless of the power unit and body, the Accord can be a well-equipped car. However, if the buyer is concerned about that, he should leave the base model. Extras are only available in the rich LS version. Only leather upholstery, direct transmission and no climate. Travel and driving comfort is increased by electric windows control in all doors, mirrors and driver’s seat. Safety equipment can also be plentiful. Dual airbags reduce the risk of injury, and ABS helps prevent a collision. Unfortunately, the brakes, which are very weak for this class of car, do not help the whole thing.

Honda Accord 2.0i LS – suspension and interior

Rear visibility is also limited, as the mirrors are very small and the rear of the car is high. Driving pleasure is enhanced by the right steering system. The power steering is smooth when driving, and the car remains recognizable when driving at speed. As befits a car with sporty aspirations, the suspension has been prepared quite boldly. Honda Accord 2.0i LS confidently holds the road during straight drivingand cornering even at high speed is safe.

The comfort of traveling suffers from this little. Passengers will feel more when driving on uneven surfaces. The interior of the Honda Accord 2.0i LS is solid and has all the features well placed. No noise to the ears of the riders. Finishing materials are of high quality, and the dashboard is transparent, although – in Japanese – not very original. The interior is spacious only in the front.

In the back seat, especially tall people may have little enough space for legs and head. Another drawback is the lack of compartments for small items and the placement of a deep radio in the center console. The driver is difficult to use the player, and it can be dangerous at times, because you have to take your eyes off the road. Many manufacturers make large interiors at the expense of trunks, or vice versa.

Unfortunately, the luggage compartment in the Accord is also small for this class of car, and its functionality is limited by the hinges and the usual shapes penetrate the interior. The situation is saved by the slightly asymmetrically folded backrest of the rear seat. Unfortunately, the seat can be completely folded, but the luggage space can be expanded to 710 liters. The Japanese have accustomed us to the reliability of their products. It’s the same as the Honda Accord 2.0i LS.

Honda Accord 2.0i LS – overview

It’s a reliable, trouble-free car. If there are errors, they are harmless and will not cause unexpected breaks in the journey. The manufacturer has achieved this effect by using modern and high-tech, and at the same time proven components. But you have to pay for high quality. Honda Accord 2.0i LS is an expensive car to buy. If the owner uses authorized services and original spare parts, the operation will also cost a lot.

Changing the timing belt at an authorized service center costs about PLN 840 (including accessories). You can counter the high prices by using proven alternatives or by making components. An example would be the exhaust manifolds that can burst. A new one costs about PLN 1,500, and a damaged welding and assembly only PLN 250. In the service, you have to wait almost a week for a certain part.