Honda Accord (2023), Debuts with More Tech and Hybrid Update

Honda Accord (2023), Debuts with More Tech and Hybrid Update

The delicate undertaking of revising a highly prosperous vehicle demands precision and finesse. Such is the case with the renowned Honda Accord 2023 (avail of pre-owned Honda Accord cars), which has left an indelible mark in North America after withdrawing from Europe. Embarking on its eleventh generation, the latest iteration boasts a refined and elaborate design, an abundance of cutting-edge technology, and an enhanced hybrid drive system.

Honda Accord (2023)

The upcoming year of 2023 will not see the availability of the optional 256PS turbocharged 2.0-liter. Furthermore, the Accord Hybrid’s power has been decreased from 215 hp to 207 hp.

However, the fourth-generation hybrid powertrain still boasts a 2.0-liter four-cylinder and a two-motor electric system. What is more, the system features a spanking new engine and electric motors positioned in a lateral configuration. Despite a marginal decrease in horsepower, the torque of the electric motor has escalated from 315 to 335 Nm.

Stiffer chassis, CVT transmission, and front-wheel drive

Honda boldly proclaims that the Accord Hybrid, equipped with its latest powertrain technology, elevates the driving experience to new heights of excitement. Moreover, the automaker posits that a staggering 50% of new Accord customers will opt for this innovative hybrid option.

In contrast, the remaining half of buyers will gravitate toward the dependable 1.5-liter turbo engine, which, despite receiving only minor updates, still generates an impressive 194 horsepower. This trusty engine pairs seamlessly with a CVT transmission and front-wheel drive system.

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Notably, the 2023 Accord boasts a re-engineered suspension system, complete with new top mounts and ball joints on the front axle. The upgraded chassis and reinforced body supports, combined with improved front struts, lend a newfound level of rigidity to this beloved model.

Civic influences can also be seen in the interior

The Accord’s transmogrified facade exudes a palpable sense of novelty, emanating from the subtle yet momentous design updates. While the Civic’s understated aesthetics have been seamlessly integrated into the larger model, the fusion has led to a distinctive appearance. A slimmer headlamp setup, coupled with a reduced grille, dominates the front profile. The sinuous body lines culminate at the rear, engendering an aura of sophistication and elegance.

The latest Accord is a trifle elongated by 2.8 inches, and marginally wider by half an inch, flaunting 17-inch wheels as a standard feature, while 19-inch wheels can be availed as an optional upgrade in the higher trim levels. The interior’s allure has been augmented by drawing inspiration from its nimbler counterpart, most strikingly via the metallic grid pattern on the dashboard. The top-end models are bestowed with a capacious 12.3-inch central touchscreen, which happens to be the largest Honda has ever installed.

 Honda Accord (2023) debuts with more technology and a hybrid update

The standard configuration of the all-new Accord features an awe-inspiring 7-inch display, complemented by a stunning 10.2-inch digital driver exhibit. Equipped with the latest Honda Sensing driver assistance and safety features, the Accord is furnished with cutting-edge airbag technology designed to ensure maximum safety for front-seat occupants. In an unprecedented move, the Accord also includes knee and passenger-side airbags as standard.

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In a bid to revolutionize technology within the automobile industry, the Accord boasts Over Air (OTA) updates for nearly all its computer systems. The Accord Touring flaunts an additional built-in Google functionality, which encompasses a suite of Google apps that are voice-controlled via Google Assistant.

The Accord is available in six trim levels at launch, with LX serving as the introductory level, while EX is the solitary non-hybrid trim level. The hybrid options include Sport, EX-L, Sport-L, and Touring. The pricing for the new Accord will be revealed shortly before its release. Nevertheless, the launch in Europe is excluded as the market awaits the model.