Honda and Acura: new features coming in 2023 and 2024

Honda and Acura: new features coming in 2023 and 2024

After a busy year 2022 where he revealed his HR-V, CR-V, Driver and okay the new generation and revivalAcura Integra within its luxury brand, a Japanese manufacturer Honda we are preparing several more novels in 2023 and 2024.

To take stock, a detailed plan was presented this week. Here are the highlights…


The “leap year” is not quite over. of passport 2024 will receive changes and, since stability and adventure will be highlighted, the TrailSport version will be offering more skills.

Photo: Honda

That car Ridgeline, whose last update started in 2021, will also release a TrailSport version for 2024. For its part, it will be the first. Honda wants to compete with competitors focused on off-road driving. Not on the same level as the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2, but rather the Ford Ranger Tremor.

As mentioned on Tuesday, the new Accord will go on sale next month in the base version and from April for hybrid versions.

Honda also confirms that a hybrid engine will be available with Civil 2024, sedan and hatchback. Its arrival on the market will be early next year. There’s talk of a similar system to the Accord and CR-V (204 hp, 247 lb-ft), but Honda’s compact specs won’t be known until later this year.

Photo: Honda

As for PrefaceHonda’s first 100% electric SUV, pre-orders will begin in 2023 immediately after the unveiling and deliveries will follow in early 2024. Near its new electric vehicle location in Ohio, the manufacturer will stop battery factory in partnership with LG Energy Solution at a cost of more than $4 billion.


In terms of luxury brand Acura, the TLX sedan will receive a mid-term update, but nothing more is known at this time. The novel that interests us most of all isIntegra S type which will arrive during the summer. In addition to sporting a more aggressive styling signature, it will borrow the popular 2-liter engine from the unabashed Honda Civic Type R. Our colleague Louis-Philippe Dube succeeded. short essay on japan Last December, so read his report.

Photo: Honda

Finally, Acura will also begin taking place in 2023 with its first electric SUV, ZDXand delivery is scheduled for the winter of 2024. Like the Prologue, this model has been developed with the help of General Motors. The difference is that it will offer a performance version called Type S.

Last but not least: sales of the ZDX and all other future Acura electric models will be conducted entirely online. Dealers will therefore only take care of service and maintenance.

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